Are My Golf Grips Too Big?

Figuring out if your golf grips are too big is not that hard to to. A little trial and error will get you a long way and it will improve your game more thank you think. Grip sizes are plenty, so surely there is the right grip size for you. Let us help you find it.


If your finger tip of your middle and ring finger is not slightly touching your palm your golf grips are too big. The finger tips should be touching slightly, but not digging into the palm.



Grip Pressure

Having the wrong size grip has a direct negative impact on your grip pressure.

If the grip is too small you will not be allowed to apply the correct grip pressure resulting in loose wrists and poor accuracy.

Thicker grips than what your physique allows will result in you not being able to apply a light enough grip pressure. Your wrist action will be very limited and you will not be able to put as much force into the swing.


Swing Speed

As mentioned briefly above, the grip size will have a direct impact on your swing speed. The golf grip must be

A launch monitor can be a good instrument to investigate the impact of your exact grips.

It can also be a good idea to have your shots measured before and after having your clubs regripped. Many golfers do this and it is readily available at your local golf club to have such a task carried out. It may also benefit you in other aspects of your game.

In some instances you will see an increase or decrease in club speed and accuracy by doing such a thorough analysis.


Proper Grip Size

It is quite important to have a proper grip size on your golf grips, whether it’s for the putter, irons or driver. If your grip is too small you will run into problems with accuracy in your shots. If your grip is too big it will impact the grip pressure and your swing speed. Having the correct golf grip size for you is therefore paramount to your game.

Despite popular belief it is not needed to have the same grips on all clubs – keep that in mind.

You might benefit from jumbo grips on your driver and clubs, while midsize grips are better on your irons.

It may also be the situation that just one club in your bag has a different grip while all the rest are the same.

Either way, getting the best possible grip on all the golf clubs in your bag will have a positive impact on all your golf shots.


Standard Golf Grip

Many of us use the standard golf grips that come with our clubs. This can be okay for most golfers, but it is known that golf grip size matter, and you some can benefit of a slightly smaller grip, while others can feel better with a sightly thicker grip.

This can actually be correct with just a few extra layers of tape underneath the standard grip. So it doesn’t have to be hard and you can actually regrip golf clubs by yourself at home.


Midsize Golf Grip

It is possible to just buy a midsize golf grips but they can also be dialed in by a few extra wraps of tape under a standard grip.

Most manufacturers of golf grips have a midsize grip for every grip in their lineup, so if you are certain that you need a midsize grip, or just want to try one out, a larger grip can be found off the shelf. If you look to Golf Pride or a Lamkin grip you will always find a proper size grip for your need.

If you can’t fint the right grip online, it will be worth it to visit your local golf club for a grip talk with the club pro.


Oversized Golf Grip

Putting an oversized or jumbo grip on your golf clubs could also be a solution to help alleviate a wrong grip size. It will make a big difference coming from a standard grip size, so be prepared to test a bit.

In some instances an oversized grip can improve your game, but more on that later in the article.

Not all manufacturers make such size grips, but Golf Pride is a sure bet to find something that you need.


How Big Should My Golf Grips Be?

It can be hard to find the correct grip size and every person is different to the other. But since the grip is the only connection to the club, along with the glove it is of big importance. Using the wrong size grip can hurt your golf game and impact your grip stength and in turn many things like ball flight, club head speed and so on.

Your grips should be a size that allows your ring finger and middle finger on your uppermost hand to just slightly touch the palm of that hand.

For right-handed golfers it will be the left hand and for left-handed golfers it will be the right hand.

Playing around with different grips will be necessary to find the correct size, but the effort will make a huge difference in the long run.

You may find that you need to go away from standard golf grips on all your golf clubs to be able to grip the club the best way.


Golf Grip Size Calculators

Many manufacturers actually have a calculator on their websites. Golf Pride has their grip selector as one example. That one will give you a good idea of the right grip for you – but to find the right grip size it is best to measure it yourself. Check out our through method to get the right golf grip size.


Can Oversize Grips Improve Your Game?

The short answer is “yes”. Larger grips can improve your game by locking your wrist action and therefore increase control and accuracy. Grip strength will be easier to uphold with new grips that are bigger then your usual golf grips.

Be aware not to have too large grips though. You will start to see irregularities in your game such as a lack of distance due to a too light gripping force.



Do Pro Golfers Use Oversized Grips?

Most pro golfers use normal grip size while tweaking them a bit with the amount of grip tape they apply. This enables them to achieve a different grip size in small increments.

A lot of pro golfers use an oversized putter grip as a means of locking out their wrists and improving consistency.


Do Larger Golf Grips Help With Arthritis?

Since arthritis is limiting the movement of your finger joints a larger golf grip will help with pain caused by arthritis. It is recommended that golfer suffering from arthritis go up one golf grip size compared to a standard golf grip.

Of course this depends on their actual hand size. Oversized grips can be a better solution than midsized grips, because the pain alleviated is much better than loosing a bit of power when you hit shots.

Sometimes grip feel of dedicated arthritis grips can also help alleviated pain since they are usually of a softer rubber compound.


Final Thoughts

Golf grip size matters and if you play with grips sizes that are too big you will put yourself at a disadvantage. Luckily this article has given a lot of insight to counter this, and now it’s up to you to try it out.

As a start you could commit to trying out a putter grip that is of a larger grip size than you’re used to. This did a lot for me when I went from a normal grip size to a midsize one.

When you’re ready to move on grip sizes on your irons could be worth testing a bit. Putting a midsize grip on your long irons could help on your consistency in hitting the golf ball. This helped me a bit and I’ve always struggled a bit with hitting the long irons clean.

If you feel like your grip is too big even though you’re using a normal size grip, it is also possible to try out junior grips. I know Lamkin grips usually come in junior sizes too.


Thanks for reading – and please consider this article to help you choose the right grip: Best Golf Grips


Photo by Mikhail Nilov