Are Putter Grips Legal On Irons?

The thought might have slipped into your mind. But is it legal to put a putter grip on your other clubs?


If you ask USGA whether it’s legal to put a putter grip on your other clubs, the answer is “No”.


Read on to learn why the idea is not so bad anyway, and how you might improve your game without putter grips on your clubs.


are putter grips legal on irons



Do golf club grips have to be round?

The rules of golf clearly state that all clubs except the putter need to have circular grips. It is allowed to have a raised rib along the length of the grip, but other than that the grip should be uniform.


So in short, golf club grips have to be more or less round, with minor exceptions.


It is also allowed for wrapped grips to have a circular pattern, though it must not be too indented.


Are putter grips different from iron grips?

Yes, they are. Most traditional putter grips will have a different profile and a tapered front. Normal club grips are round and without a taper.


Putter grips are supposed to help the player stabilize the small pendulum stroke of putting while normal grips should provide the player with the right grip and feel in a more forceful swing.


So the technology put into modern day golf grips are very much different when you compare normal grips to putter grips.


While it is possible to get oversize grips for the clubs, you can buy heavily oversized grips for putters.


Are SuperStroke grips only for putters?

SuperStroke are known for their substantially oversized putter grips.


While SuperStroke also makes normal grips, their dedicated putter grips are only for use on putters.


So while it may be tempting to throw a SuperStroke grip on a club it is not recommended.


There is a reason that they are made solely for putters. And the main reason is that heavily oversized grips will weaken your grip pressure when powering through a full swing.


It is simply not possible to hold on to the grip, if your fingers can not properly wrap around it.


Benefits of oversize grips

There are many benefits of oversized golf grips –  but also disadvantages. We’ve written a separate article on the topic, which may be interesting to you.


Among some of the benefits, it can be mentioned that the wrist will be put more out of play in the stroke and thereby consistency is improved.