5 Best Golf Grips for Small Hands in 2022

More than 5 out of 10 golfers use the wrong grip size, and according to golf.com it’s hurting their game. If you’re one of those golfers and also have small hands, now is the time to look into some grips that suit your physique.


The best golf grips for small hands are those that’ll enable you to grip the club firmly without using too much force. In turn it will enable you to control the release of the club and send it straight down the fairway.


To help you find the best grip we’ve reviewed more than 20 different grips and found 5 that really stand out.





1. Top Pick: Winn DriTac Wrap Undersized Golf Grips

This top-selling grip from Winn features the classic wrap-style design. If you haven’t tried a wrap-style grip before, we really recommend you give it a try. It gives a different gripping experience than grips with “dimple” designs, and looks more traditional if that’s something you are into.

Further than the wrap this grip is made from the WinnDry polymer which is a specific rubber compound that provides great tackiness in both dry and wet conditions.

The polymer will provide a cushioning experience while the grip will still feel firm. So even though the grip feel solid and will not twist it will soften and dampen the vibrations that occur when the club hits the ball.


What is great about this grip?

As Winn were the first manufacturer to bring polymer grips to golf they have a pretty huge advantage to the other manufacturers. Others are picking up on the method, but Winn still have the superior know-how. The Winn grips are tailored to suit any golfer – just pick one from the line-up.

The DriTac Wrap is no exception, and provides excellent build quality. This results in a grip with great all-weather performance and durability for a good price.


On the downside

Wrap grips are not for everyone, so that is one thing to consider before buying this grip. The DriTac Wrap is a viable option for trying it out, but it may be better to go with the normal DriTac’s if you’re in doubt.

The polymer material is known to last a little shorter than most other compounds. This is something that Winn is constantly developing, and with proper grip care your DriTacs will last for a decent amount of time.


The verdict

The best golf grip for small hands is without a doubt the Winn DriTac Wrap grips. They provide excellent comfort and performance for a good price, while only lacking a bit on the durability side. A sacrifice we’re willing to make for a chance to score lower on the course.


2. Most Comfortable: SuperStroke Cross Comfort Undersized Golf Grips

This grip gets it’s name from the Cross Comfort™ surface pattern on the grip. If you look closely you’ll see crosses indented into the soft polyurethane grip surface. The combination of the cross pattern and the soft material makes them ultra comfortable while still providing a lot of traction.


What is great about this grip?

A player looking for comfortable grips will have to take these into account. They have been engineered with performance and comfort in the high seat.

The soft outer will provide comfort while the firm inner layer will provide torsional rigidity in the grips, so that feedback to the golfer is still possible and everything doesn’t turn wobbly.

Grip profile is something that you may not think a lot about, but this grip has been engineered with a subtle taper profile that enhances an even grip pressure all along the grip, for the best possible control.


On the downside

With the high focus on comfort and performance, the SuperStroke Cross Comfort grips lack a bit of durability. There are reports of players wearing them on a few rounds, and players using them for a whole season – and the common thing seems to be that players with higher swing speeds and higher grip pressure will wear through these grips quick.

On the contrary, players with lower swings speeds and lesser grip pressure will play with these grips for a long time.


The verdict

If you’ve got small hands and are looking for comfort in your grips, the SuperStroke Cross Comfort grips are a no-brainer. Especially if you’re also in the lower to medium swing speed bracket. This way you will have great performing and comfortable grips for at least a whole season. The price is a little steep compared to that other possibilities there are, but if you’re not eating through grips fast then it shouldn’t be an issue.


3. Budget Pick: Kingrasp Wujiang Undersized Golf Grips

An interesting grip from Kingrasp where softness and vibration dampening is in the high seat. Kingrasp is not a well established brand like Golf Pride and Lamkin, and therefor their prices are budget friendly.


The Wujiang grips are made of rubber with good resilience and a surface pattern that is not seen with other manufacturers.


What is great about this grip?

You get a lot of bang for your buck with these grips since the build quality really outperforms the price tag. Long lasting grips are seldom seen with under $20 for a complete set!


Durability is not the only upside though – the rubber compound is soft yet tacky and provides excellent feedback.


Kingrasp are so confident in their grips that they also offer a 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee. So that’s a quality stamp in itself.


The price can’t really be argued with – it’s not even worth haggling about the price. Naturally it appeals to beginners on a budget. So if you have small hands as a new golfer, and are looking to get started with a low investment, these grips are for you.


They’re perfect for slapping on a set of used clubs – just to get a feel for the sport.


The features of these grips are subtle and they don’t come with any special new tech or gimmick. They get the job done, simple as that.


On the downside

Since they are made of a normal rubber compound they do not have the best all-weather capabilities. So if you’re playing in humid and wet conditions or tend to sweat a lot, these grips might not be for you.


Features a limited as mentioned before, so you’re only getting rubber grips with no special fuzz about them.


But then again, what would you expect from that price tag?


The verdict

The Kingrasp Wuijang grips are great grips for the budget-oriented beginner golfer. They are nice and soft and provide good feedback – but lack we weather capabilities.


If you’re looking for a decent set of grips to try out the sport, or just want to try something cheap and reliable, these grips might be worth a try.


4. Best Quality: Golf Pride Tour Velvet Undersized Golf Grips

If you’re into classic looking golf grips, Golf Pride Tour Velvet is the old-schooler that has been around for decades and shows off a good track record.


They’ve won majors and are the first choice of many pros to this day. They are also my personal go-to grips because they just work and I can focus on the other parts of my game with full confidence when I play these.


What is great about this grip?

The best this about the Tour Velvet’s are single-handed how subtly they are compared to the performance they bring. There’s nothing to disturb the eye when aligning your hands on this grips but they still inspire confidence when you think of what they have accomplished through the years.


They don’t degrade fast like other simple rubber type grips. Golf Pride has done an excellent job in the rubber compound and the grips just last round after round.


The simple surface pattern provides great grip and despite the rubber compound being not hard neither soft, they still provide good feedback.


Pricing is a little steep for a grip this simple – but bear in mind that they will hold up nicely.


On the downside

The simplicity will for some be it’s downside. The lack of alignment aids, cord or special polymer compounds is the cons of this grip.


So if you’re looking for something with a little more tech into it, this grip will not be for you. It’s the old faithful of the grip world, and provides proven performance with minimal effort.


The verdict

It is not for no reason that these grips come stock on many golf clubs. They simply provide excellent value and do it subtly.


Go for the Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips if you’re like me and like simplicity and appreciate the history and proven track record of your equipment. It’s like what the 2-ball putter is for the golf putters – just without the hype 🙂


5. Best Durability: Lamkin Crossline Undersized Golf Grips

A top contender for Golf Prides Tour Velvet grips are the Lamkin Crossline grips. While being somewhat similar, Lamkin provides a firm grip compound with a dense surface pattern to deliver great torsion control and shot feedback.


The durability is in top, and this inspires consistency on every round. Price is a little steep compared to other higher tech grips.


What is great about this grip?

If you’re in the market for a simple and firm grip the Crossline might be for you. It offers great performance and it is a testament that tour pros have been using them for over 20 years to this date.


Compared to the similar GP Tour Velvets the Crosslines are a bit firmer and has a lot more white color into the surface pattern. So the look and feel is a little different.


All weather capabilities are limited since the EPDM rubber compound is not very tacky. These are best suited for dry conditions.


As the price is a bit steep these may not be the first choice for new golfers. They are more likely to be a good fit for you when you’ve got some experience and know a bit more about what you want from a grip.


On the downside

You will get well performing grips, but there is not a lot of extra features. So if you’re looking for alingment aids, a rib for hand placement, cord, different softness in the rubber and so on – these grips are not for you.


Looking just at the price the Crosslines will also scare off some golfers – simply because you can get more feature rich products for the same investment. Bear in mind though, that Lamkin are a well established company with a track record of making great grips.


The verdict

Since the Crosslines are similar to the Tour Velvets it would make sense to compare the two. Pricing is similar but there are some differences. The Crosslines are firmer and therefore the durability is also upped a bit.


With these grips you will get long lasting and well-performing grips for at least a whole season (depending on how much you play of course).


You really can’t go wrong with Lamkin Crossline grips, and there must be a reason for Lamkin to keep these rather old grips in their lineup along with all the new tech rich grips.


What To Look For When Buying Golf Grips For Small Hands

If you’ve landed on this page you’re probably looking for the best possible grips for smaller hands. Here we’ve collected all you need to know to make an informed decision.


You may also be interested in reading about the best golf grips in general, and you can find our post on that here.


Like any other golfer you need to consider things like the size, which is the main topic of this post, but also material composition, technical features, quality and price. Choosing the right golf grip is not easy, but we’ve put together the ultimate guide to help you with that.


Below you will find key takeaways from that post, and here you can read it in full.



The main topic of this post is sizing, so of course this is an important factor to weigh in when looking for new grips. If you’ve got small hands then your grip is most likely to be too big for your use. And if it is too big the risk of limiting wrist movement becomes higher and this can result in you pushing the ball and thus loosing control.


Material Composition

With modern grips the material composition becomes a bigger and bigger topic. Technology makes it possible for manufacturers to use soft or firm compounds and even combine them.

Some combinations have inner layers with firm compounds and soft outer compounds. Others will have the upper hand section of the grip be firmer for increased stability and the lower hand section softer for increased control.

If you have small hands and are looking to get a small grip, then remember that the amount of rubber in the grip will be less, so firm grips will “punish” you more and softer compounds with not have as much effects that normal or oversized grips.


Technical Features

The world of golf grips is ever-changing and new technologies emerge regularly. To name a well known example take the Golf Pride multicompound. It was a new way of making golf grips that were sectioned so that each hand would have different compounds of rubber that would benefit the golfer and help provide control and grip at the same time.


Another and more recent example of golf grip technology is the use of polymer instead of more traditional rubber types. The polymer enables manufacturers to add softness to grips while keeping wet weather and overall gripping characteristics.


It is safe to say, that it is beneficial to look into the technology of golf grips when you’re going to make a purchase. It can help you battle some of those difficulties you have with your current grips – so don’t look too lightly on this topic.



Like in every other product the quality of golf grips can vary a lot. It may be a big or small topic for you, and looking for good quality grips can save you the hassle of having to replace them prematurely.


Depending on how many rounds of golf you play per month, and in what conditions, you may or may not benefit from looking into the durability of the grips.


You can search for reviews on sites like Amazon, or look into the reviews on this site where we always investigate the quality and durability of golf equipment.



For me as a normal consumer, price is always a metric I look at. If you’re on a budget look into golf grip pricing, but don’t take the cost of the grips as an overall stamp of approval.


If you but grips from Golf Pride you will always pay a bit more for the brand name – but you can rest assured that the quality follows the price.


On the other hand you can go for less profiled brands to get more bang for your buck. A company like Lamkin provides great quality with smaller price tags.


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my golf grips are too small?

If your golf grips are very much too small you will most likely experience a lack of consistency in your game. Your wrists will be more alive, and are not able to lock sufficiently to strike the ball in the same way more often.

You know that your golf grips are too small if your fingers touch your palms too much when gripping the club.

Basically you need the fingers to just lightly touch the palm. Check out our article on the subject – with explaining pictures.


Are oversized grips good for small hands?

This will very much depend on you as a person and what struggles you have in your game.

Oversized golf grips are good for small hands if you tend to have lively wrists and can’t keep the ball on a straight line.

On the other hand oversized grips are not good for people with small hands if you’re struggling with grip pressure and can’t hold on to the club properly without putting too much effort into it.


How do you hold a golf club with small hands?

There are different ways to grip a golf club and mostly it comes down to personal preference.

To hold a golf club with small hands we recommend the interlocking grip because if locks your fingers in place allowing you to grip lighter and be more in control.

If you’re looking for further information on the topic, check out how we recommend you approach the topic of how to hold a golf club.



Photo by Luis Quintero