Top 7 Best Golf Irons For Beginners In 2022 [Ultimate Guide]


By browsing the manufacturer’s websites it can be very hard to figure out what the best golf irons for beginners are. There are so many choices and all of them are flagged with “NEW”, “BEST CHOICE” or “Golf Digest GOLD”.


Most manufacturers also have club selectors with all kinds of different questions that can be hard to answer for beginners. 


Do you know how long you shoot your 7-iron, or if you like forgiveness or shapeability more? I certainly didn’t when I first started out. 


That’s why I made this guide, to help all beginners out there choose the best golf irons to fit their game. Many of the irons will also fall under the category of “best golf irons under $1000”, so you won’t break the bank on the investment.


If you want a little more background information on choosing the right ones, check out the Guide Section below. 


First, let’s get to the reviews.
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Are You In a Hurry? Here’s Our Top Beginner Iron Picks


Best Irons For Beginners 2020

1. Callaway Mavrik Max Iron Set

9/10 A.I. optimizes every iron in the set Not as forgiving as iron-hybrids Check Out on Amazon

2. Taylormade SIM Max OS Iron Set

8.75/10 Improved feel and sound Maybe too much tech? Check Out on Amazon

3. Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Iron Set

8.25/10 Straight – benefits from the hybrid tech Can be bulky to look at Check Out on Amazon

4. Cobra T-Rail Combo Hybrid Iron Set

7.75/10 Gloss black finish looks great A 4-hybrid is included – not optional Check Out

5. Wilson Launch Pad Iron Set

7.25/10 Not as high launch as many competitors Spin on the ball is very limited due to the design Check Out on Amazon

6. Wilson Staff D300 Superlight Uniflex Iron Set

7.25/10 Distance is good Lower launch angles are not for everyone Check Out on Amazon

7. Callaway Rogue X Irons Set

7/10 Great distance (modified lofts) A bit out dated Check Out on Amazon







Reviews Of The Best Golf Irons For Beginners Right Now


1. Callaway Mavrik Max Iron Set Review




Check Out on Amazon



This is an interesting set of irons, where Callaway introduces Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) into the way the irons are made. Simply put, the club face of each irons is engineered differently, to suit that specific iron and what it’s supposed to do.


The Mavriks actually come in three different types. More on that below.


What Is Great About This Iron Set?

The fact that Callaway used A.I. is just another great step in the manufacturing of modern golf clubs. But where does it help you?


By using this technology Callaway is able to increase distance and spin robustness with every iron in the Mavrik series. Every iron in the set has a different shape optimized for the loft!


There are three total. The Mavrik Max made for beginners down to handicap 15-20. Then there’s the normal Mavrik made for players going down to around handicap 8. And lastly the Mavrik Pro’s which goes all the way down to around handicap 3.


So there’s Mavrik irons for every taste and they all use A.I. along with cleverly placed tungsten inserts for an optimal centre of gravity.


On The Downside

The price is quite high. There’s a lot of different options, but looking at a set of 5-SW you will have to say goodbye to around $800 USD. 


Our Rating

Build Quality 10/10

You can’t put a finger on the build quality on anything that comes out of the Callaway factories. If you’ve had this iron in your hands at the local golf shop you will instantly feel satisfaction in how well it is made. 


Price 7/10

The build quality of the irons justify the high price point, and you will have golf irons for a long time in this set. But they are in the high end pricewise, thus the “low” rating.


Features 10/10

There are so many built-in features of these irons that it can be hard to comprehend for new golfers. Let’s just say that A.I. makes a big difference, and the tungsten weights and urethane micro-spheres further enhances the clubs performance.


Forgiveness 9/10

Maximum forgiveness for a cavity-back iron but not quite on par with an iron-hybrid combination.


Overall Rating 9/10

It will be hard to find better beginner irons than these and they might be the top contender for the best beginner irons. If you have the budget for them, you should definitely go for them!


Pros And Cons

  • A.I. optimizes every iron in the set
  • Micro-spheres dampen mishits and add feel
  • High forgiveness



  • Price is quite high
  • Not as forgiving as iron-hybrids


The Verdict

The Mavrik Max irons are our best pick for the optimal beginner iron set to start your golf journey. If you don’t have the budget for them there are other alternatives, but performance will not be on par with the Mavrik’s. 


You are even able to buy them as a combo set which adds a 3 and 4-hybrid depending on your configuration.


Check Out on Amazon




2. Taylormade SIM Max OS Iron Set Review



Check Out on Amazon



The Taylormade SIM Max series of irons are quite remarkable. They feature a lot of different technologies, maybe too many to comprehend?


Here we’re reviewing the SIM Max OS irons set that are aimed at higher handicap players. The OS stands for OverSized which means that the clubheads are larger than the SIM Max counterpart. 


What Is Great About This Iron Set?

There are many unique features to the set, but the most unique is probably the Speed Bridge which allegedly enhances distance, forgiveness, feel and even sound off the clubface. 


Wow, that’s pretty awesome if that’s true!


On top of that the SIM Max irons also feature the ECHO Damping System, Speed Pocket, an ultra-thin face and the Inverted Cone Technology (ICT). I have to catch my breath after naming all those! 🙂


More on the above technologies later, but let’s just say that Taylormade is bringing everything to the table with these irons. 


On The Downside

Are there downsides to these irons? Well, some may argue that simpler is better and I tend to agree. 


There’s just so much going on with these irons that it may seem daunting to beginners to have to relate to all this talk about what good these technologies will do. 


Our Rating

Build Quality 9/10

You will have a hard time putting a finger on Taylormade’s engineering feats in regards to these irons. We could have wanted a bit more simplicity in the build though. 


Price 7/10

With these irons you will get some bang for your buck. If they deliver on all the points then they’re definitely worth it, but the price is pretty high for a set aimed for absolute beginners. 


Features 10/10

There’s even more features in these irons than the competitor Mavrik irons from Callaway. But we’re unsure if all of them really bring any value to the table. Like for example the sound enhancement. 


Forgiveness 9/10

Forgiveness is good, but not as good as their hybrid iron counterpart. The Speed Bridge brings something good to the irons, and maybe the enhanced sound plays a role in the experience of playing the irons after all?


Overall Rating 8.75/10

A real competitor to the Callaway Mavrik iron series and actually a lot like them in many ways. You can’t go wrong with either of them. 


Pros And Cons

  • Speed Bridge enhances forgiveness
  • Improved feel and sound



  • Maybe too much tech?
  • A little steep in price


The Verdict

A great set from Taylormade which features near endless different types of technologies to enhance gameplay. If you can’t comprehend all these features rest assured that you will not go wrong with this iron set.


The OverSize club heads of the SIM Max OS makes ball striking a breeze. And if you need even more help they’re also available as a combo set


Check Out on Amazon




3. Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Iron Set Review



Check Out on Amazon



The Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo irons might look a little odd, but there’s a meaning to the madness. The bulky clubhead makes it easy as pie to get the ball in the air and therefore these are the perfect irons for beginners.


The main focus of these irons is to provide maximum forgiveness. By lowering the center of gravity and extending it away from the club face – maximum forgiveness is achieved. 


The only way to get the centre of gravity this low and far away from the club face is with Cleveland’s proprietary hollow design.


What Is Great About This Iron Set?

To be able to get the ball in the air effortlessly and see it fly high and straight is every beginner golfers dream.


These irons will help you a long way in achieving this goal. As with everything else in golf – practice makes perfect. And practice just gets a whole lot more enjoyable with these babies.


On The Downside

If you’re a high swing speed player, these irons will not be for you. They are constructed for players with low to medium swing speeds. 


The thin steel face insert will simply bounce too much and instead of helping you it will cut your distance as a high swing speed player. 


Some players can get a little disturbed by all that is going on on the backside of the club compared to regular slim profiled irons. 


Our Rating

Build Quality 9/10

Cleveland is a well established brand and the HB Turbo irons are premium beginner irons. 


A lot of engineering has been put into making these, and you will get that quality feeling when you inspect the irons. 


Price 6/10

It’s quite an investment for the average golfer not looking to break the bank on their first golf endeavours. 


The steep price is justified by the performance of the irons, but if you’re budget oriented you should probably looks elsewhere. 


Features 8/10

The feature score is not all the way to the top – not because there’s not a lot of thought put into these irons, but because there’s not much more to them than the iron/hybrid blend. 


Forgiveness 10/10

You won’t find beginners irons that are more forgiving than these. When struck the ball will effortlessly take off and stay on track with a high trajectory. 


Overall Rating 8.25/10

Perfect irons to start your golf journey, or to keep you happy at a medium to high handicap. 


They can be a bit intrusive on your view when you’re addressing the ball – so mind that.


Pros And Cons

  • Great forgiveness
  • High trajectory
  • Straight – benefits from the hybrid tech



  • A bit pricey for beginners
  • Can be bulky to look at


The Verdict

All in all a great iron set for beginners looking for a new set of premium irons. They will help you get the ball in the air and provide distance with ease.


They are hybrid irons though, so they will not be long term irons if you improve a lot in your game. This is because you’re not able to shape the ball as you are with traditional irons. But if you improve that much in your game you’re probably also looking at getting some Game Improvement Irons or Players Irons at that point.


Check Out on Amazon




4. Cobra T-Rail Combo Hybrid Iron Set Review



Check Out on Amazon



A cool looking gloss black hybrid iron set from Cobra. The set features some nice benefits like high strength steel face, hollow construction and rails underneath the bottom to help the club glide through any type of grass height. 


What Is Great About This Iron Set?

The looks for one is awesome. Even though the profile is rather bulky as seen from addressing the ball, there’s something about that gloss black finish. But the finish has nothing to do with the performance of the irons, other than maybe inducing some confidence. 


The greatest thing about the T-Rail Combo irons is the hybrid construction. The centre of gravity is moved away from the clubface and down towards the ground. This makes it very easy to get the ball in the air with a nice and high trajectory.


On The Downside

The untraditional look with the gloss black finish might not be for everyone. If you’re more into traditional looking irons, these won’t be for you. 


This set will also come with a hybrid 4, so if you’re not looking for that the price is a bit high.


Our Rating

Build Quality 7/10

Cobra has done a good job with these irons, and they deliver on the quality they’re known for. The gloss finish is easily scratched though, and since you’ll inevitably land in a fairway- or greenside bunker, and in the rough/trees it is likely that the finish will be ruined a bit.


Other than that the quality of the T-rails and the general build quality is good.


Price 7/10

The price is a little on the high end, but that is to be expected with these types of hybrid irons. You will also get a hybrid 4 in the set, so that’s a plus. But even though you get the hybrid club, the price is still a bit high.


Features 8/10

Cobra has some unique features with the black design, the T-rails on the bottom and high strength steel face. 


The black design is claimed to stand out from the green grass more than steel-colored irons. This is to be left unsaid and up to the individual to decide. Personally I don’t really follow that. I believe that a white Taylormade Spider putter stands out, like the golf ball does against green grass. 


The T-rails are unique to Cobra. They will help you power through any obstacle that the iron will meet on it’s way and guide the clubface through on it’s initial path instead of being thrown off course. 


The steel face design is made out of an oval to circular piece of steel on the inside of the clubface. Oval on the longer irons and circular on the short irons. This construction aids off center hits – and adds to overall forgiveness.




Forgiveness 9/10

The before mentioned E9 Forged steel face aids to forgiveness on all the irons. The E9 section consists of cleverly placed pockets of thin high steel strength to add forgiveness in those areas close to but not in the center. 


Paired with the hybrid construction where the centre of gravity is placed low and far from the clubface makes the T-Rail Combo Hybrids a very forgiving iron set.


Overall Rating 7.75/10

A very solid hybrid irons set, but with some weaknesses compared to the other contenders in this category. The big upsides are the T-rails and the gloss black finish (if you’re into that!).


Pros And Cons

  • T-rails helps consistency and forgiveness
  • Gloss black finish looks great


  • Quite pricey compared to other brands
  • A 4 hybrid is included – not optional


The Verdict

A very interesting set from Cobra that’s trying to compete in the upcoming hybrid iron segment. There are some unique features to this set, but they come in behind the other brands because they’re quite special in the design and may not appeal to everyone.


If you like the gloss black, don’t hesitate. These irons will help you game in many ways.


Check Out on Amazon




5. Wilson Launch Pad Iron Set Review



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The Launch Pad irons from Wilson are designed for golfers seeking the optimal golf ball impact along with the desire of launching the ball in the right direction – or the direction you’re aiming at least.


Wilson has engineered these irons as hollow construction hybrid irons like many of the competitors do. And while being quite similar on the outside something interesting comes up when playing these irons. They do not have as high launch angle as many of the competitors. More on that later.


What Is Great About This Iron Set?

The Launch Pads irons are designed to not dig into the turf, and that’s a very big plus for beginners. The Progressive Sole technology makes it so that the irons won’t dig into the ground and help improve ball contact greatly.


If you’re a golfer with a little larger than the average you will like this iron set. They come with midsize irons as stock and are targeted at m


Take a look at this walkthrough of the irons, where Rick explains a thing or two about these irons.




On The Downside

You will have a hard time getting spin on these irons, since the sole is so wide. You will simply not be able to hit very much down on the ball. So if you’ve got a steep attack angle at the ball, these irons won’t be for you. You will have to sweep through the ball – this is where the Launch Pads will perform the best.


Our Rating

Build Quality 7/10

In general the Launch Pad irons are of nice quality. But playing them for some time will make the impact sound and feel quite apparent. The sound is clicky and sharp, while the feel is a little on the firmer side. 


The finish of the irons is great though, and the line between the bare metal and the painted section is razor sharp. A big plus when you’re addressing the ball. 


Price 8/10

Pricing is very competitive, and you get 4-PW in the set. So if you’re a beginner on a budget this might very well be the way to go. 


Features 8/10

The irons get their name from the sole design. Launch Pad soles makes it easy for the club to float above the turf and ease the take-off of the golf ball. The hollow construction is a given for hybrid irons, but is nonetheless a feature. 


Despite all these features one thing is more apparent – the actual weight of the irons as a whole. The shaft is lighter than usual to allow for more clubhead speed in the swing and in turn more distance.




Forgiveness 6/10

Forgiveness is what could be expected from hybrid irons – very good. But along with the clicky sound at impact and the firm feel, the forgiveness is not up to par with the competitor hybrid irons.


Overall Rating 7.25/10

If you’re on a budget the Launch Pad irons are a good choice. Especially if you’re in the market for hybrid irons. The competitors hybrid irons are pricier, yet they allow for a bit more tech and a bit better build quality. Nothing you will notice as a beginner though.


Pros And Cons

  • Not as high launch as many competitors
  • Wide sole allows for less thick shots
  • Good price


  • Spin on the ball is very limited due to the design
  • The sound and feel at impact is a bit firm and clicky


The Verdict

If you’re in the market for new Super Game Improvement Irons at an affordable price, these might be the perfect match. They will be able to take you from a high handicap and into single digits if your game is somewhat consistent. Bear in mind that your swing should be sweeping and not with a steep attack angle, since the clubhead will not bore into the turf.


Check Out on Amazon




6. Wilson Staff D300 Superlight Uniflex Iron Set Review


Wilson Staff D300 Beginners Irons


Check Out on Amazon



The “D” in the name stands for distance. Wilson achieves this with a combination of a lot stronger lofts (on some irons it’s 5 degrees less than normal) and large forgiving heads. Along with the FLX face (pronounced flex) they do really offer some great distance.


What Is Great About This Iron Set?

The single greatest thing about these irons is the fact that you get soooo much bang for your buck. At around half the price of other sets from pricier brands you really get some great value in these irons. 


There’s quite some features built into them, and you will see that just by looking at the clubface. One thing that really stands out is the gaps of black material around the clubface. This makes it so that 76% of the clubface is actually freed from the rest of the head delivering a quite powerful launch.


On The Downside

The strong loft will decrease the launch angle and deliver lower flying balls with less spin. They can be a bit hard to control with the aggressive lofts.


Our Rating

Build Quality 7/10

Quality is fine – especially considering the price. You will get a lot of different traits and for beginners looking for distance they will be quite a good match. Build quality is not on par with more premium brands though.


Price 9/10

There’s not a finger to put on the price. With all the technology put into these irons you will have a hard time finding that elsewhere. The “power holes” are not for everyone though.


Features 6/10

The FLX technology reduces vibration and helps launch the ball. Perimeter weighting adds to forgiveness along with oversize heads. And that’s about it.


Forgiveness 7/10

When you hit the ball the built-in urethane will dampen mishits. Perimeter heel-toe weighting will move the mass away from the centre of the clubface and oversize heads will add even more to the forgiveness. 


Overall Rating 7.25/10


Pros And Cons

  • Great price
  • Distance is good


  • Can be hard to hit straight
  • Lower launch angles are not for everyone


The Verdict

The D300’s are perfect for the beginner looking for distance in their game. As they have some forgiveness in them they can help you reach the greens easier. Sometimes accuracy will be a little harder to achieve though, since the aggressive launch of these irons are able to produce some unwanted sidespin.


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7. Callaway Rogue X Irons Set Review



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A set of cavity-back irons with good forgiveness and decent spin rates. Perfect for beginners or seniors, as they come with very light graphite shaft flexes. They are still available with regular steel flex though. 


Another good thing is the affordability, as the set comes as a combo set with 4 and 5 hybrid and 6-PW irons. 


What Is Great About This Iron Set?

The Rogue X irons have been around for a few years and the 2020 version is a remastered version of the old Rogue X’s. This doesn’t mean that they’re outdated, but of course there are newer and more advanced iron sets from Callaway. 


They pack some new features like the microspheres to add a nice feel to the irons. The fact that they come with hybrids too, for an affordable price is a big plus.


On The Downside

They are not the newest tech as mentioned before, and the design is somewhat outdated, since the Rogue series are of older date.


It is some very long irons, and there’s a reason for that. The loft is cranked down to a very low loft, so you will get lower trajectories with these too.


More on the lofts in this video review by Rick Shiels. 




Our Rating

Build Quality 7/10

You can’t really say anything about the quality of Callaway irons. It’s just a nice club to get in your hands. The design is not that great though, it’s kind of bubbly and bulky to look down at.


Price 5/10

Since the Rogue series are of older date the price is quite okay. But as you will not get the newest technology, it’s not like it’s a particularly good deal.


Features 7/10

Urethane microspheres dampen your mishits and add a good sound and feel to all your shots – so that’s a big plus. You will also get the microspheres in many of Callaway’s new irons. 


The wide sole pulls the centre of gravity low and away from the clubhead like many other game improvement irons. Along with the wide sole the Rogue X’s also have a 360 Face Cup which circles around the clubface to add the well known perimeter weighting. 


Forgiveness 9/10

VFT (Variable Face Thickness) is a very nice trait when it comes to forgiveness. It helps lower vibrations along with the microspheres to maintain ball speed – even on mishits. Along with the 360 Face Cup there’s been done a lot to increase forgiveness on these irons.


Overall Rating 7/10

All the forgiveness features paired with the stronger lofts makes the Rogue X’s go further and maintain a great forgiveness. These irons are great for beginners, but can’t totally keep up with the newer iron sets.


Pros And Cons

  • Great distance (modified lofts)
  • Price is good


  • Lofts are low, so a 7 iron is more of a 5 iron
  • A bit out dated


The Verdict

As with all other Callaway golf clubs there’s put a lot of thought into these irons. They perform great, and if you’re looking for maximum forgiveness with lower ball flights you should go for these as it’s a rare combination. Most Game Improvement Irons will have a high launch trajectory.


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A Complete Guide To Buy The Best Golf Irons For Beginners


What to Consider Before Buying Beginner Golf Irons

So, you’re a beginner and looking for the best golf irons to start your golfing journey. Thankfully you’ve come across this guide, since it’s quite important to choose wisely when first starting out.


Many newly started golfers make the mistake to search for a used set of irons, and buy a set of nice older irons to start out with.


While you can get a very good deal on some nice irons, it is far from certain that these new irons will suit your game.


Golf irons are divided into quite a few different categories, which we’ll explain below. There’s also a separate post on how to choose golf irons.




Cavity-Back Irons

An example of cavity-back irons are the Callaway Mavrik Irons. If you look at the back of the clubhead you will see a cavity in the iron and more material towards the outsides. 


So the name “cavity-back” essentially describes spot on how the iron looks. 


The great thing about cavity-back irons for beginners is that the added material to the outside of the clubface makes it more forgiving and enlarges the sweet spot. 


If you’re unfamiliar with these terms it means that you’re more likely to hit a good shot even though you don’t necessarily strike the ball right in the middle of the club face.




Muscle-Back Irons

These types of irons are more intended for advanced golfers who have more consistent ball striking, and a higher need for shaping the shots. Some variants of muscle-back irons are also called “blades” and a good example of a set of blade irons are the TaylorMade P7TW irons.


The sweet spots on these are smaller, but they allow for the shaping of the ball flight if hit correctly. 




Forged Golf Irons

Both cavity-back and muscle-back irons can be forged, since it refers to the manufacturing method. The forged irons are made of one solid piece of metal which are then milled and worked into shape. 


The upside to forged irons is the added softness because the steel type has to be moldable. And then the downside is that they wear a bit quicker. 





Cast Golf Irons

Another manufacturing method for golf irons is the casting method. This involves liquid metal being poured into a mould, so no milling or beating on cast irons. 


Cast golf irons will be more durable than forged ones, but lack some of the feel. 


The majority of golf irons available are cast. The method gives manufacturers a bit more freedom when designing the irons, and makes them cheaper to produce.


Most normal golfers won’t be able to tell the difference between forged and cast golf irons, and it really doesn’t matter much anyway when you’re just starting out.




Quality Of Golf Irons

Like many other things, golf irons come in a variety of qualities. As a general rule of thumb you should go for the established brands like Callaway, TaylorMade, Mizuno, Titleist and Wilson when shopping for your first set of golf clubs. 


Investing a little more in quality irons will yield you more bang for the buck in the long run because they will last you longer and help you play better. 




Pricing Of Beginner Golf Irons

Golf irons for beginners come in a long range of prices like many other things. It can be hard to limit yourself if you’re just a little into gear – as there are so much nice golf gear to choose from. 


A decent set of golf irons will start at around $500 for a new set and run all the way up to +$2000 for the top of the line stuff. 




The Different Types of Golf Irons

When you’re shopping for the best golf irons for beginners to start your golf career it is important to know that there are some different types of golf irons available with each their pros and cons. 


It has something to do with what your handicap level is which category you should go for.




Super Game Improvement Golf Irons

These are made for high handicap players and are usually always cavity-back irons. Oftentimes they have larger clubheads to allow for higher hit change, while offering more forgiveness. 


It is not always possible to know if you’re dealing with a Super Game Improvement Iron (SGII), so it’s always a good idea to refer to the manufacturers homepage about this. 


If you’re handicap 20 or above you should definitely go for SGII’s.




Game Improvement Golf Irons

The most sold variety of irons are Game Improvement Irons (GII). As the name suggests they are made to enhance a golfers game, and therefore they are good for players with handicap 20 or less. 


At this handicap level a golfer will typically have a decent hit rate and be able to warrant a little less forgiveness than what SGII’s offer. GII’s will have a nice blend of forgiveness and shapeability, so you’re able to work your shots a bit more. 


You should look for GII’s if your game is improving fast from your beginner state.




Players Golf Irons

This category is for advanced golfers or pros. They are typically muscle-backs and will require a great deal of consistency to strike well.

If that is present then you’ll benefit greatly from Players Irons, since you’ll get increased feedback and be able to shape the ball flight better with these types of irons. 




Forgiveness In Golf Irons

If you’re a beginner in golf, it might not make sense to you what forgiveness should be in relation to golf. 


Forgiveness is something you do when you’ve upset your spouse, right? 🙂


No, forgiveness is a widely used term in golf used to describe how forgiving the club is when you strike the ball.


If it’s a club with much forgiveness the sweet spot will be larger and you will be able to hit more good shots, even though you don’t hit the ball with the accuracy of a pro player.


The feedback is not good in a club with much forgiveness. So you wont know if you’ve hit exactly the sweet spot or a few millimeters off the center. 


In a golf club with less forgiveness you will have to hit the sweet spot consistently to get good shots. Typically Players Irons have low forgiveness.


These types of irons will tell you exactly when you’ve hit the ball wrong. The clubhead will twist and the ball won’t leave the clubface gently. Most off center hits with Players Irons will sting all the way into the golfers hands.




Clubhead Size

There’s a difference in clubhead size when you look at Super Game Improvement Irons vs Game Improvement Irons vs Players Irons. 


The first mentioned will have the largest clubhead, and the size will get smaller towards the Players Irons. 


Again this has something to do with forgiveness and how easy it is to hit a good shot.


A relatively new trend in golf is to increase the clubhead size backwards from the club face, like hybrid clubs.


This trend has moved into irons too, and offers even more forgiveness than the Super Game Improvement Irons from the past. 


The added weight to the back of the iron makes the ball even easier to get airborne. 


So if you’re out to get irons that will really help you get the ball flying, look for some with a larger clubhead. 


An example could be the Wilson Staff Launch Pad Irons




Perimeter Weighting

Perimeter weighting is another term that you can run into when researching the best golf irons for beginners. It is another way of increasing the sweet spot.


By moving mass from the center of the clubface to the outer perimeters, the sweet spot is enlarged and the clubface is less prone to change direction when hitting the ball off center. 


Perimeter weighting are only applicable for cavity-back irons, since muscle-back irons are constructed with more mass to the middle. Perimeter weighting is essentially what distinguishes them.




Golf Iron Shafts

With golf irons beginners rarely focus on the shaft. Even though it might seem like there’s only steel and graphite shafts, it is not that simple.


Steel shafts come in a variety of flexes, and so do graphite ones. 


Furthermore the length has something to say.


That’s why every shaft, both for irons and woods, have to be individually tailored for the specific golfer that is going to use them.


That being said, it can and should be simplified for beginners. If you can get close to your optimal flex and length you are 90% of the way there.




Steel Golf Shafts

Generally steel shafts are for players with faster swing speeds. A golfer who swings the irons with great speed will benefit more for stiffer shafts, since it’ll launch the ball further.


Steel shafts come in a variety of different flex options. Usually as Extra Stiff which is meant for pros and hard-hitters to Regular which is meant for medium swing speed players.


There’s also a difference on which clubs the steel shafts are used. Usually woods and hybrids all have graphite shafts, while irons and wedges will have steel shafts.


Most beginners should look for graphite shafts on the irons too in the beginning, and move to steel shafts as they get more advanced.




Graphite Golf Shafts

It may not be obvious what graphite shafts are, but simply put they are made from carbon composite and can be engineered to flex even more than steel shafts. 


This way absolute beginners, ladies and seniors can also benefit from shafts flexes that suits their game. 


The woods and especially the driver will almost always have graphite shafts. This is because it is beneficial to have a lower weight on the longer clubs, to allow for increased velocity and more distance.




Golf Shaft Flex

What does the golf shaft flex rating mean when you look at your own clubs? It can be a bit confusing if you don’t understand how it pairs up with your swing and physique. 


Golf shafts usually comes in the following flexes:


  • X – Extra Stiff
  • S – Stiff
  • R – Regular
  • A, M or AM – Senior
  • L – Ladies


To navigate in the world of golf shafts it is necessary to understand roughly what swing speed matches which shaft flexes


Furthermore you can actually alleviate tendencies to slice or hook the ball with the correct shaft flex. 


Simply put, a shaft with too much flex will have you open the clubface more and result in unwanted slicing. 


It’s the other way around with too stiff flex which will result in hooking the ball. 


So as you might understand, shaft flex is really important, also for beginners. 




Length Of A Golf Shaft

When you address the ball and get ready at swinging away, it is very important to be comfortable in your golf pose.


You might have heard from a fellow golfer or trainer that you should bend a little down in your knees and shoot your butt backwards, while letting your arms hang naturally with the club sole resting nicely on the turf. 


It seems so simple, right? 🙂


But imagine doing this with a shaft that is too long. The toe of the club will point upwards, and you won’t feel comfortable. You will most likely pull the ball left.


If your shaft is too short, the heel of the club will hover and the toe will dig into the turf. Your shot will probably be pushed right.




Golf Iron Grips

This topic is something that is often overlooked, especially by beginners. Choosing the right golf grips for your irons can have a tremendous positive effect on your game though. 


So what do you need to look for? 


You have to determine what is important to you. Is it all-weather control, comfort, price or maybe looks? There are many characteristics of modern day golf grips. 




Should I Consider Hybrids?

If you are an absolute beginner or have played for a short time and find that you have trouble getting the ball into the air, there’s an option called hybrids. 


These are, as the name suggests, a hybrid between irons and woods. 


They take all the good traits from the woods like moving the centre of gravity lower and further away from the clubface which improves forgiveness and helps get the ball in the air. 


They can replace the long irons because they will have a higher loft and therefore a higher launch angle. Because of this they will fly as long as the irons, but in a much higher trajectory. 


With the fact that they’re much easier to strike cleanly, it’s a no-brainer for beginners. 




Should I Buy New Or Used Golf Irons?

It is much up to the individual golfer whether they think it would be beneficial to get a new or used set of golf irons. There’s not one solution that is better than the other. 


There are pros and cons of each method. 


If you’re buying used golf clubs you will be able to get a better set for your budget, but you will also risk that it’s worn more than first anticipated. It is especially hard if you’re not inspecting the goods before you buy them. 


One thing that is often overlooked when someone purchases used irons, is that the grips may be worn out. It can be hard to notice when looking at them at the buyers place, but will be noticeable when hitting the first balls. 


If you’re buying new irons you will typically pay more. But if you have the funds you will be better off in the long run. 


The irons themselves won’t have any wear and the grips will also be new and fresh. 




How Many Irons In A Golf Set?

The rules of golf state that you can carry 14 clubs in your bag on a golf round.


These 14 clubs can be of any combination. If you want, you can carry 14 putters, though that would be kind of weird. 🙂 


Usually a beginners golf set consist of the following:


  • Driver
  • 3 wood
  • 5 wood
  • 21 degree hybrid (replaces a 3-iron)
  • 24 degree hybrid (replaces a 4-iron)
  • 27 degree hybrid (replaces a 5-iron)
  • 6, 7, 8, 9-iron
  • Pitching Wedge
  • Sand Wedge
  • Lob Wedge
  • Putter


This is a typical combination, but it comes in many variations. Bear in mind that the driver and the woods will be a bit harder to learn. And they will cause you some headache in the beginning. Because of the increased distance, there’s much more that can go wrong. 


It is wise to go with the hybrids for increased forgiveness, and you will always be able to pull up the 21 degree hybrid if you’re having an off day with the woods. 


Other than hybrids and woods, you will have the usual iron set and wedges. 


It’s quite different what a set consists of, and sometimes you’ll not even need a full set if you’re just starting out. 


Check out our post with more info on the different irons and what they’re used for. 




Summing It All Up

As you might have noticed it is not an easy task to find your best match for beginners golf irons. 


It involves quite a few thoughts you have to turn around in your head. 


But as you might have noticed, if you consider these things you are much better off in the quest to get the irons that fit you the best. 


In case your questions are not answered, look below for some frequently asked questions. 




FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What Clubs Should A Beginner Carry?

A beginner golfer should carry a broad selection of clubs. It is not at all necessary to get a full set when you’re just starting out. Many golf sets are sold as half sets. In the end it comes down to how hooked you are on the game and how big your budget is.


Common for both a full beginner golf set and a half set is that you should look for quality, and something that fits you from the start.


If you get a set that doesn’t fit you well you might lose interest in the game – and that would be a great big shame!


Our recommendation is to go for a used golf set if you’re shopping for a half set, and you’re not fully determined on your golf engagement. On the other hand, if you’re determined and eager to get better you might as well opt for a new full set of beginner golf clubs right from the get go.




Do Golf Clubs Make A Difference For Beginners?

Yes they do. You should get forgiving golf clubs that makes it easy to get ball contact. These irons are called cavity-back irons.


If you are unaware of the differences between cavity-back and muscle-back golf irons, you should investigate further.


It will ruin your golf experience as a beginner if you get the muscle-back or blade irons!




What Are The Easiest Golf Irons To Hit?

The easiest golf irons to hit are the 8-iron, 9-iron, usually referred to as the short game irons. The PW and SW are also quite easy to hit compared to the long irons. 


The different golf irons are used for different purposes around the golf course, but when you’ve just started out it can be beneficial to practice the easy to hit irons, so that you will experience some success early on and gain motivation to continue.




Photo by Cristina Anne Costello on Unsplash