Top 8 Best Putter Grips of 2022 [The Ultimate Guide]


This is our selection of the best putter grips out there. Read on to learn more about which putter grips are available and how they can improve your game.


If you’re curious about what impact the right putter grip can have on your game, then you’ve come to the right place. Here the best putter grips are reviewed for your convenience. We’ve included the grips we see as the top rated putter grips right now – and hopefully our time invested can benefit you.


The right grip on this important club can really shave some strokes off your rounds!


It is not a simple and easy task to choose a putter grip. That’s why we’ve put together this ultimate guide. The post is split into two sections – a guide section and a review section.


We did this, so you’re able to get the info you need, without too much looking around.


For the reviews we’ve chosen eight of the best grips right now. Each of them has been given a tag at what they’re best at. One might be the best quality, while other might be better for small hands.


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Best Putter Grips Of 2020

1. SuperStroke Golf Legacy 2.0 Countercore

8.75/10 Adjustable weights Material may not be for more traditionally oriented players Check Out on Amazon

Golf Pride SNSR Countour Pro Putter GripGolf Pride Tour SNSR Contour Pro Putter Grip2. Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour Pro

8.5/10 Sits great in your hands Doesn’t come in a standard “small” size Check Out on Amazon

Lamkin Sink Fit Rubber Straight Putter Grip3. Lamkin Sink Fit Rubber Straight

8.25/10 Lots of tech and good features Only available in a narrow midsize version Check Out on Amazon

Winn X Pro4. Winn X Pro

8/10 Many great reviews Polymer gets dirty fast Check Out on Amazon

Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour 140cc Putter Grip5. Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour 140cc

7.8/10 Well made Too soft for some people Check Out on Amazon

SuperStroke Slim 3.0 Putter GripSuperStroke Slim 3.0 Putter Grip6. SuperStroke Slim 3.0

7.5/10 Proven track-record – pros use it! Can miscolor over time Check Out on Amazon

Karma Dual Touch Midsize Putter GripKarma Dual Touch Midsize Putter Grip7. Karma Dual Touch Midsize

7/10 Cheap Will wear quicker than more expensive grips Check Out on Amazon

Golf Pride Tour Putter GripGolf Pride Tour Putter Grip8. Golf Pride Tour

6.8/10 Easy to install Not a lot of tech implemented in the grip Check Out on Amazon


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Review Section

This is where it all gets concrete. We’ve done the research so you’ll be able to browse quickly for the grip that suits your needs. If you have any questions along the way, do not hesitate to ask a question in the question form, or shoot us an e-mail.


#1 SuperStroke Golf Legacy 2.0 CounterCore Review

Best Overall Putter Grip

SuperStroke Golf Legacy 2.0 CounterCore Putter Grip Review


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Weight on both putter heads and putter grips is as vastly talked about subject. There are countless combinations out there, and you will only find the correct weight balance for you, through experimenting. The CounterCore from SuperStroke makes it easier to experiment, giving you the opportunity to add or subtract weight – to a certain extent. 


If you have problems with your lag putting or are missing smoothness in your swing, this grip might be interesting for you. It made it to our best putter grip overall section, because it can help a lot of you out there. Read on to know more about this one-of-a-kind grip.


What Is Great About This Grip?  

As we’ve already touched upon in the last section, the CounterCore is the key feature of this grip. It gives many possibilities for dialing in your putting swing. With the importance of being a great putter, this should not be overlooked. 


The exchangeable weights come in 25g, 50g and 75g, giving you a lot of possibilities to test and try things out.

Take a look at the video below, for a walkthrough of the use of the weights. The grip comes stock with a 50g counterweight. Adding weight to the putting grip is said to engage larger arm, shoulder and back muscles better. This resulting in a more stable pendulum swing. 


This grip also comes as a no-taper, which promotes even pressure in the hands – take a look at our article about how to choose a putter grip. It can provide you more information if you’re uncertain about taper vs non-taper.




On The Downside  

Since the grip is on the larger side, compared to normal putter grips, it can have a tendency to get stuck in the bag. Of course this depends on how stuffed the bag is. It can be a hassle if you have a tendency to fill up your bag, but most modern bags should be able to hold it. Staff bags should definitely have no problem. It gets a little worse on the even larger SuperStroke grips. 

Some report that they can’t feel any difference when changing the weights – so a little broader selection of weights wouldn’t have hurt.


Our Rating

Build Quality 9/10

Being a rather new company, SuperStroke has established themselves as a quality brand in the industry. In 2009 the first SuperStroke putter grips entered the market. Since then they have been a part of over $500 million in tour prize money. Just as important they’ve helped many of us weekend golfers lock up our wrists and turn more three-putts into two-putts. At Golfers Hacks we rate SuperStroke as 9/10 in build quality.


Price 8/10

Just as competitive they are on quality and performance, the less competitive they are on price. It’s hard to find more expensive grips out there. If you’ve found the right putter for you, go ahead and opt for this premium grip – but if you’re uncertain about your putter, maybe you should consider a cheaper option. Of course that depends on you wallet. But then again, the value you get for the money is great.


Features 10/10

Again, it’s hard to beat SuperStroke on features – especially with this grip. A lot of technology goes into making these grips. You can really feel that there’s been put some thought into them, when you hold them in your hands. Counterbalance options, thicker profile, improved surface texture, soft material, it all adds up to a feature packed grip for your money club. Possibly the best putter grip in this article.


Comfort 8/10

While being very soft and tacky, the feel is not for everyone. It is not to be compared with standard putter grips. The SuperStroke has a tacky poly-urethane surface, which is quite different to a soft rubber surface. In the end it comes down to preference.


Overall Rating 8.75


Pros And Cons

  • Adjustable weights
  • Tacky
  • Non-taper profile


  • Price
  • Material may not be for more traditionally oriented players
  • Fills up a lot of space in the bag


The Verdict    

If you’ve decided on a putter, we dare you to try a SuperStroke Counterbalance grip. We predict that you won’t go back, when you’ve first tried it. With all the technologies combined, and all the thought put into them, they have plenty of possibilities to be tuned in to fit most golfers’ needs.


Despite the pricetag in the high end, it’s worth the investment, because you still have room to experiment, when this grip is installed. This grip might as well be the best putter grip out there.


Check Out on Amazon




#2 Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour Pro Review

Best New Putter Grip

Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour Pro Putter Grip Review


Check Out on Amazon



All new for 2020 is the Golf Pride SNSR Contour Pro putter grip. It’s marketed as a premium grip with tour performance levels. It comes from the same lineup as the other SNSR grips, but with a ned design. 


The shape of this grip is an updated version of a pistol grip, where the old SNSR has a larger pistol kick on the back of the grip, the Contour Pro has a more subtle kick. Additionally there’s an indent on the front of the grip at the same location where the kick is on the backside. This allows for the thumb pad of your hand to sit nicely on the grip for added comfort.


You can check out the differences in this video, where there is a side by side comparison at 1:02.




What Is Great About This Grip?  

The Contour Pro comes in two sizes, 104cc and 140cc to fit most golfers needs. It’s made from the popular SNSR material which is extremely soft and comfortable, while allowing for good feedback.


For 2020 the color scheme has been updated which is a nice welcome to the red and blue versions. The grey/black colors are a little more subtle, while being spruced up with the fluorescent yellow. 


The refined pistol shape really is the major upside to this grip. It makes gripping the putter so effortless and comfortable that you’re prone to putt better, no matter what grip you had before. 


One cool feature of the Contour Pro is also that while being immensely soft, it still firms up along the edges of the paddle shape on the front. This allows for a solid and consistent hand placement every time.


On The Downside  

There are a few minor downsides to this grip. Unfortunately for those who prefer standard grip sizes, the Contour Pro is only available in midsize and oversize. 


So those who prefer a standard grip size must go somewhere else. Fortunately the trend is towards slightly oversized putter grips, so a lot of golfers will be all set. 


It seems like the soft rubber compound is more dense, making the grip a little heavier than others in the category. 

For the unaware, this can have an impact on your swing weight, so bare careful. It’s not necessarily an issue, but it’s something that should be taken into account. 


Our Rating

Build Quality 9/10

Like most Golf Pride grips, it’s very well built. The transition from the softest lower part to the upper part is seamless and with no bumps. It’s engineered with Golf Pride’s special soft rubber compound which surprisingly enough is very durable and doesn’t miscolour easily. 


This grip will last a long time, and it’s easy to mount yourself too. 


Price 8/10

It could be more expensive given that it’s a premium grip from Golf Pride. So it’s actually very well priced. It’s in the higher end, but the quality makes it okay to be at that price level. 


Features 7/10

The material is one feature in itself. While being very soft it still offers great  feedback and durability. 


It’s got a traditional pistol shape with a flat paddle front. The traditional shape means an arched contour with a kick towards the player in the butt end and an indent to place the thumb into. 


The Contour Pro comes in two sizes 104cc at 90 grams and 140cc at 124 grams. 


Comfort 10/10

It doesn’t get better than this. Soft responsive rubber, paired with the traditional pistol shape that your hands can embrace effortlessly, performs really well. Then indent on the front of the grip gives room for your thumb pad and in return lowers grip pressure. 


Overall Rating 8.5


Pros And Cons

  • Sits perfectly in your hands
  • Great feedback
  • Updated subtle color scheme


  • Doesn’t come in a standard “small” size
  • Weights can throw your swing weight a bit off


The Verdict    

All in all a great putter grip with comfort and performance at high levels. Golf Pride has really put some effort into making this grip perform for most golfers. 


With today’s trend about straight and severely oversized grips, it’s nice to see a premium grip that goes a bit in the traditional direction. The upside of this is added feel for the putt. 


The Contour Pro definitely has or recommendation and is worth a try, especially if you’re confused about which is the best putter grip for your game. 


Check Out on Amazon




#3 Lamkin Sink Fit Rubber Straight Review

Best Tech Putter Grip

Lamkin Sink Fit Rubber Straight Putter Grip Review


Check Out on Amazon



A new addition to the lineup at Lamkin is the Sink Fit putter grip. It’s packed with technology and features a new and exciting shape. 


Lamkins Fingerprint Technology ensures a very tacky and gripping surface due to it’s micro-texture pattern. 


The grip itself is made of Lamkins Genesis material which is softer than rubber with a very responsive feel, but still highly durable. 


Furthermore Lamkin is straying a bit away from the very popular straight no-tapered grips. The Sink Fit is constructed similar to other straight grips, but with an indent in the butt end. 


What Is Great About This Grip?  

The sheer number of putting enhancing features makes this grip hard to walk by. 


If the straight model with an indent doesn’t match your preferences, the sink fit also comes in a normal pistol shape. Additionally it’s available in a slim version too, so you’re not locked on an oversized putter grip. 


If you’re tired of oversized grips, the Sink Fit will be something to try out. With the Fingerprint surface pattern and the soft Genesis material it provides excellent feel and control. 


It’s not comparable to the putter grips of the old days, every aspect of the grip is modern and innovative.


On The Downside  

Since it doesn’t come in an oversized version, golfers looking for that option will have to look further to find the right grip. 


The straight shape with an indent is a bold move from Lamkin and might scare some people off. If you decide to try it, it will most likely need some getting used to, before you’re totally comfortable with it.


If you’re scared to try out this new shape, you do have the opportunity to get the Sink Fit grip in a pistol version. 


Our Rating

Build Quality 9/10

With all the R&D that has gone into this grip it is very well engineered. Lamkin is known for their quality and it really shows with the Sink Fit. 


The lineup consists of several different types, ranging from pistol shape, to this straight version, to a skinny version. All made with the same level of details and integrity.


Price 8/10

At around $20 you get a lot of grip for the money. The Genesis material making the grip last very long is reason enough alone to make the investment worthwhile.


Well, you might think that it doesn’t matter if the grip hold up well if it doesn’t perform. But that’s the thing with the Sink Fit, it performs too.


With all these features the Sink Fit delivers it’s great value for money. 


Features 9/10

Lamkin has rethought the shape of a putter grip, like many other manufacturers do these days. 


Along with the new shape, the grip is paired with the soft and durable Genesis Material and the tacky and comfortable FingerPrint Technology.


The FingerPrint Technology features a surface pattern that seamlessly shift from the upper part to the lower part of the grip. 


The features of this grip is very innovative and can potentially make a great impact on your game.


Comfort 7/10

The grip is comfortable, but nothing over the top. The surface pattern and the material combined are contributing to lower grip pressure needs, which makes the grip comfortable. 


Feedback at ball impact is fine, but it’s a good thing that the grip isn’t thicker. The dampening of the Genesis Material is profound, so with a larger grip size it would probably decrease the feel. Maybe the reason why Lamkin doesn’t make oversized putter grips these days.


Overall Rating 8.25


Pros And Cons

  • Lots of tech and good features
  • Build quality is superb and durability is great


  • Only available in a narrow midsize version
  • The butt end indent will take some getting used to


The Verdict

The Sink Fit is an innovative new addition to the Lamkin lineup. It features some qualities that most golfers will love. Durability, decent comfort, good control and a fair price.


The fact that the Sink Fit comes in quite a few different options will make it more appealing to a wider range of golfers. You should be able to find a match for you, but not if you’re looking for an oversized grip.


Check Out on Amazon




#4 Winn X Pro Review

Best Putter Grip For Feel

Winn X Pro Putter Grip Review


Check Out on Amazon



Full of features despite it’s subtle looks. The Winn X Pro is a good option for those looking for a premium grip with a good price. 


It’s a jumbo size grip, but the WinnLite technology makes sure that it doesn’t weigh more than a standard grip. This enhances clubhead feel and mitigates potential wrist movement, because it keeps the size, despite the lower weight. 


It is quite opposite the SuperStroke Counterweight grip, which adds weight to the club. Here the two manufacturers have a different view on, what contributes to a stable putting stroke. 


What Is Great About This Grip?  

Right off the bat you will see a pretty standard oversize putting grip, but under the surface some clever technologies are present. 


It’s made of a polymer material which offers tack and softness plus great durability if taken care of. 


At the same time it features WinnLite which lowers the weight of the thicker grips down to the weight of a normal sized grip. This gives the golfer the opportunity to keep the same swing weight, while adding the benefits of an oversized grip.


On The Downside  

Since it comes in three different sizes, make sure to investigate which size you need before you order. There has been some misunderstandings and reordering on this behalf. 


The polymer surface is not for everyone. It is extremely tacky, but requires regular cleaning to maintain that. Also, the polymer struggles to keep the color – even with frequent washing. 


If you’re looking for a jumbo sized grip and looking to increase your swingweight, this is not the grip for you. With the WinnLite technology, it will be really low weight even if you choose the biggest of them.


Our Rating

Build Quality 7/10

Winn really know their way around grip manufacturing. Everything is meticulous and precise. The grip feels great when newly installed. 


After a short while the grip will show more signs of use than other traditional grips. The surface will also be hard to keep looking new. Because of this it will get a mediocre rating in build quality. 


Price 8/10

With a pricepoint around $10, it’s hard to overlook, since it packs quite a lot of features and appeal to a wide range of golfers. Depending on size and color, the price will vary a bit. 


Features 9/10

As written above the X Pro is made from polymer material which provides ultimate tack. Along with the surface texture, you’ll have a pretty good connection with the club. It’s easily our top contender for the best putter grip for feel.


It is made as a traditional type paddle grip which tapers very little to ensure minimal wrist movement. 


Color variations are plentiful, and they come in three different sizes; midsize (1.18”), jumbo (1.32”) and super jumbo (1.60”). 


Comfort 8/10

The polymer material provides decent comfort. This is a subjective discussion, as golfers focus on different areas when talking about comfort. Some like it very, very soft, and others like it a bit firmer, to comfortably grasp the grip. 


The firmness is a bit to the softer side, and the shock absorption is a bit on the higher side. Check out the charts on Winns own page


Overall Rating 8/10


Pros And Cons

  • Soft and tacky
  • Many great reviews
  • Different sizes/colors


  • Polymer gets dirty fast
  • Material feel is not for everyone
  • Light weight can be a downside for some


The Verdict    

If you’re looking for a traditional jumbo size grip, the Winn X Pro might be a good choice. But be aware of the two major differences compared to a normal rubber grip. 


The low weight and the special polymer material are two things you need to consider. These two key features will split the waters. Some may love them, and some may look for other options. 

Despite what side of the water you are, they are still worth a try. 


It’s hard to vote against something if you haven’t tried it, right?


Check Out on Amazon




#5 Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour 140cc Review

Best Quality Putter Grip

Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour 140cc Putter Grip Review


Check Out on Amazon



The looks alone on this grip stands out. Not many of you will be able to color coordinate with your current gear, if you choose this grip 😉 


But color coding doesn’t mean much compared to performance. Taking a look at the grip it features two models in the range – both models comes in two different sizes. 


The red color code is a pistol type grip, designed to lock your upper han with the pistol shape, to create more stability in your stroke. 


The blue color code is a paddle type grip, with even width of the grip all the way. It promotes an even grip pressure all along the grip, to help with locking the hands – keeping wrist action at a minimum.


Both grip models are made from a new Golf Pride rubber compound which is particularly soft. This softness to be able to lower grip pressure for a more relaxed, in-control putt. 


Check out the video below for a quick review of the SNSR’s.



What Is Great About This Grip?  

The name SNSR is pronounced “sensor”. I guess they named it that way to persuade us that this grip will dial in our putting. The name gives off a sense of accuracy and consistency. 


If you’re looking for a very soft grip, this is the ideal grip for you. The softness in the grip promotes a lighter grip pressure for increased feel and better feedback on your putts.


The grip comes in four different variations to suit your needs. A straight version as 104cc (midsize) and 140cc (jumbo) and a contoured version (the one in review) as 104cc and 140cc.


On The Downside  

Pay very close attention when mounting the grip – as it can be hard to get right since it’s so flexible. Me meticulous and remember to adjust the moment that the grips is on the shaft.


The softness can be an issue for some, so look at any of the other reviewed grips if you don’t like very soft rubber grips.


The price could also be an issue. If you end up cutting the grip off because it doesn’t fit you, it will be a costly affair.


Our Rating

Build Quality 9/10

Great, nothing to point fingers at here. As always Golf Pride delivers on their proven track record. The SNSR line is well engineered, and looks and feels like a modern grip. 


Price 6/10

As most Golf Pride grips the SNSR is marketed as a premium grip. This means higher pricing, but the quality is also guaranteed. So if pricing is of no concern for you – go for the SNSR if the features are compelling. If price is a concern, consider trying out some different putter grips before making the purchase. 

You can be lucky to find a putter at your local dealer, with the SNSR mounted.


Features 7/10

There are three key features to note. First is the softness, which sets it aparts from most other grips. Second is the possibility of two different shapes, pistol vs straight. Third the two different sizes of medium and jumbo.


Comfort 9/10

It’s hard to put a finger on the comfort of this grip – unless you think that soft as a baby butt is bad 😉 


Overall Rating 7.8/10


Pros And Cons

  • Different sizing options to suit everyone’s need
  • Well made


  • Too soft for some people
  • Price


The Verdict    

The SNSR is not for everyone. Bear in mind that this grip is exceptionally soft. If that’s what you’re looking for, great. There’s nothing wrong with the value of the grip. It can be tricky to mount, so if you’re doing that yourself, be very meticulous. 


It can be an advantage to try out the grip before you purchase. If you’re looking for some reassuring, take a look at all the great Amazon reviews – it’s another high quality grip from Golf Pride.


Check Out on Amazon




#6  SuperStroke Slim 3.0 Review

Best Putter Grip For Distance Control

SuperStroke Slim 3.0 Putter Grip Review


Check Out on Amazon



SuperStroke won the hearts of many golfers when they first launched their iconic putter grips. The Super Stroke Slim 3.0 Putter Grip is a simple oversized putter grip with non-taper profile. It’s bears resemblance to the grips that they first launched back in 2009, and that alone is a testament to how well it performs. The 3.0 version is the most popular putter grip on tour according to SuperStroke themselves. Read on to learn more about why this grip performs so well, that the pros stick to it.


What Is Great About This Grip?  

The grip sports the benefits of SuperStroke’s notaper technology and cross traction surface pattern, to ensure a light but efficient grip. The construction makes sure to even out the grip pressure on both hands, to eliminate wrist action and remove tension. 


If you’ve never tried a SuperStroke grip, now is the time. It’s easy to list the features here, but where it really matters is when you have the grip in your hands. It is almost guaranteed that you’ll be able to try out a SuperStroke grip at your local store.


On The Downside  

While SuperStroke grips are high quality, they have been known to discolor easily. Some say that the white colors on the grips easily gets yellowish. That doesn’t look good, and let’s face it, looks does matter. It doesn’t have an impact on performance though. 

The price can be a little steep for the golfer on a budget.


Our Rating

Build Quality 9/10

There’s not much to say about build quality of this grip. It’s in the high end, and you will feel it every time you grip your putter. The psychological value of feel-good is not to be neglected. 


Price 6/10

Like it’s competitor in the “eagle-class” the pricepoint is pretty steep. That being said, you often get what you pay for. Really with all the features of this grip, the price isn’t that bad. But compared to most other grips we’re in the high end. 


Features 7/10

According to SuperStroke several technologies are present with the Slim 3.0 grip. A patented no-taper design, with a grippy surface pattern are just some of the features. Other than that, the grip is designed with a light weight foam under the surface, to enhance softness of the grip. The surface is of a high-tech PU-material offering great tackiness and durability. Remember to clean the grip often, since the PU-material can miscolor.


Comfort 8/10

The grip is comfy, no doubt. It’s not better or worse than many other grips. If you’re getting pains in fingers or wrists, chances are that it’s not the grips fault, and you should look at other things.


Overall Rating 7.5


Pros And Cons

  • Unique design
  • Proven track-record – pros use it!
  • Great tackiness


  • Can miscolor over time
  • Price


The Verdict    

If you’re looking at tour proven achievements, there’s no doubt – go for the SuperStroke Slim 3.0! The stars really align for the pros with this grip. 


If you’re not convinced, try it out at your local store, to see if initial thoughts are positive. A lot of golfers have been biased against SuperStroke because it’s not a traditional style grip. But maybe that was just what the putter industry needed back in 2009? A good mixup from a rebel manufacturer. Nonetheless, the Slim 3.0 is a great grip – and it comes in different sizes if you’re looking for standard size or jumbo size.


Check Out on Amazon




#7 Karma Dual Touch Midsize Review

Best Budget Putter Grip


Karma Dual Touch Midsize Putter Grip Review

Check Out on Amazon



With four different color options and a low price, the Karma Dual Touch grips appeals to a broad audience. Despite the low price and the less established brand name, the reviews on Amazon is very positive. “Superb”, “Awesome” and “Great” are used in a majority of the reviews, check it out yourself if it sounds too good to be true.

It is a great putter grip for beginners, but it’s simple and it isn’t packed with features and technology like many of the other grips of this review.


What Is Great About This Grip?  

The single greatest thing about the grip is it’s ability to surprise. If you’re on a budget, wanting an oversized grip, but doesn’t have the cash for a Golf Pride, try out this one. With low expectations, you will get surprised about the level of tackiness and feel provided by the Karma. 

Many golfers who have tried this grip are going back to it again and again because of it’s value for money.


On The Downside  

It isn’t a premium grip, and despite the many great reviews you can’t neglect that there hasn’t been put as much technology in it, as many of the major brands do in their grips. 

It will deteriorate after heavy usage, where premium grips tend to last longer. Design of the grip is not as good looking as many of the more expensive ones.


Our Rating

Build Quality 5/10

The score here is average. Not particularly good, not particularly bad. This rating is built on the fact that this grip will deteriorate faster than more expensive grips. For the weekend golfer, it won’t make much of a difference. For the golfer playing 100 rounds per year, it might mean two putter grip swaps a year. 


Price 10/10

Cheapest of this review and of course top rated in terms of price. This rating is only achieved because it is still a good grip, despite it’s low purchase price. 


Features 5/10

Average score again – not that many features about this grip. It comes in one size and four different colors, and that’s about it. As you can see Karma has tried to vary the surface pattern. Whether this enhances the experience of the grip or not is left unsaid. 


Comfort 8/10

Feels great in the hand, does the trick for those wanting a medium size grip. Shape is kinda traditional for an oversize grip. All in all everything is good comfortwise. 


Overall Rating 7.0


Pros And Cons

  • Cheap
  • Decent durability when maintained


  • Will wear quicker than more expensive grips
  • Not a lot of features


The Verdict    

If you’re looking for a decent opportunity to try out a midsize grip, the Karma Dual Touch might be for you. Durability is decent, comfort is fine, and price is great. It’s nothing over the top, but it gets the job done. And it comes in a few different colors, to probably match your gear.


Check Out on Amazon




#8 Golf Pride Tour Review

Best Putter Grip For Small Hands

Pride Tour Putter Grip Review


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Sometimes less is more. The GP Tour grip is simple and well tested, and speaks to anyone looking for a standard putter grip. A grip just like they were in the old days, when there was no oversizing and all grips were made of rubber. A time where the best putters in the world holed putt after putt without modern technology.


What Is Great About This Grip?  

Again, simplicity is it’s strength. A simple medium soft rubber blend with moderate feedback, paired with a pistol shape with the benefit that comes with it. Take a look at our article about choosing a putter grip, for more info on the pistol shape. If you just want something traditional that has proved itself, go with the GP Tour putter grip. If you’re the DIY type and maybe just getting started regripping golf clubs yourself, this grip is known to be very easy to install.


On The Downside  

On the other hand, you might be looking for something out of the ordinary. Keep on looking, this grip is as standard as it gets with it’s pros and cons.


Our Rating

Build Quality 8/10

Golf Pride is known for quality, and despite it’s low pricepoint this grip is no exception. Through the years this grip has been mounted on many putters stock from the factory. It speaks to a broad audience and lasts long. 


Price 9/10

Around $10 is affordable for most people. Especially when you consider the long lifetime. This grip is bang for your buck, if you’re a budget oriented golfer. 


Features 4/10

This grip is almost as standard as it gets, thus it won’t pull a high rating on features. It’s kinda old school, and shows that it’s not always new that’s better. 


Comfort 6/10

Nothing spectacular here, and with the medium feedback the grip is neither soft or hard. It’s a good in-the-middle choice for those who are not looking for the superior softness of the SNSR (reviewed further up in this article), but doesn’t want a firm grip either. 


Overall Rating 6.8


Pros And Cons

  • High quality 
  • Easy to install
  • Cheap


  • Not a lot of tech implemented in the grip
  • On the firmer side


The Verdict    

In the budget category, price is the weighing factor. Considering the quality of build this is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a traditional grip. If you’re not, look elsewhere, since there are plenty of options out there. 

Unlike many other grips, this grip has been on the market for quite some time, and with that comes a track record. That combined with the sheer number of stock putters mounted with this grip, really shows that it has made an impact on many golfers out there.


Check Out on Amazon




Guide Section

In below section we’ll try to educate you the best way possible. It’s hard to choose the right grip, but hopefully this will give you the best opportunity to choose right.


Let’s get started!


What to Consider Before Buying a Putter Grip

There are several things to take into account. If you’re interested in a more comprehensive walkthrough, take a look at our article on how to choose a putter grip


If you’re just looking for all the important takeaways, this is the spot. 


Key points are:

  • Sizing
  • Softness/firmness
  • Features
  • Quality
  • Price


As for sizing goes, it might be the most important factor. Wrist movement, grip pressure and overall comfortability can have a huge impact on your putting. That’s why it’s imperative that the sizing is correct. It contributes to all these factors.


Nowadays the grip material gets more and more complex and comes in varying softnesses and levels of tack. Keep this in mind when you’re browsing grips. 


Some grips comes plain and standard as pistol grips made of rubber. Other comes oversized with a special surface texture and the ability to interchange weights in the grip. Possibilities are almost endless, so make sure you are well informed (read this full review + this article).


Quality in a golf grip is something most golfers appreciate. It varies a lot though, so it can be beneficial to investigate reviews before you make a purchase. 


Price is another key factor for many golfers. But mark my words – sometimes it’s worth it to invest the extra money in something you really want. If you’ve found the putter you love, why not save the extra money for the premium grip that will complete the putting experience for you?




The Different Types of Putter Grips

There are quite a few different types of putter grips on the market today. Just browsing around on online shops will tell you that.


So how do you navigate in the jungle? Let’s have a quick overview of the different types of putter grips available.


Overall there are roughly two sizes, standard and oversize. And then there are numerous variations of these. Some have a paddle profile, some are round, some are called pistol shaped. 




Paddle Putter Grips

The paddle putter grip is very common, and preferred by many players. Seen from the shaft end it has an oval shape with a squared off front. 


On the flat front you are able to place your thumbs if you’re gripping the putter traditionally. 


Even though you’re gripping the putter another way, the paddle front gives you something to reference against.


The benefit of paddle type grips is that it’s easier to place your hands correctly every time you grip the putter. 




Round Putter Grips

Newer than paddle the totally round putter grips are a bit controversial in the world of putting. 


Back in the old days all putter grips had some sort of flat front. 


Then SuperStroke came around and revolutionized the way we were thinking about putter grips. Not only did they make the grips round, they also made them a lot bigger. 


So in the latest years the round grips have made their impact on the market. 


Benefits of round putter grips are a more comfortable grasp on the club. Also the feel is different, when the squared front isn’t there.




Pistol Putter Grips

A variation of the paddle grip, the pistol putter grip has the resemblance of a pistol handle, hence the name. 


It curves inwards when getting closer to the butt end of the shaft. This enhances the feel, because the grip comes close to your hand at all points. It’s explained a bit in the video below.





Putting Distance Control

When speaking of improving your putting game, golfers can usually be put into two categories. First category being golfers who want better distance control. 


Are you struggling with three putts? If the green is not overly complicated often times it is due to the lack of distance control that we three-putt. 


One thing that might improve your distance control, is getting a putter grip which gives you a better feel for the ball. Usually thinner grips have the benefit of giving you more feedback on your putts. More feedback means greater ability to judge the speed of your pendulum swing for putting. 


It’s not always the thinnest grips that offer the greatest feedback. Material of the grip also has an impact on the feedback. 


Take the GP SNSR grip which is not particularly oversized, but is exceptionally soft. A lot of feel will be lost in the vibration dampening of the soft material. The Winn X Pro on the other hand is firmer in the material and will offer you greater feedback at the expense of some comfort. 


All these things have to be taken into consideration when finding the best putter grip for you. We encourage you to read more about the process of choosing a putter grip in our article on the topic.


Our pick as the best putter grip for distance control is the SuperStroke Ultra Slim 1.0 Putter Grip. It’s optimized for the best distance control possible, while still providing some stability of an oversized putter grip. 




Putting Accuracy

The second big category in improving your putting game is accuracy. What does distance control help, if your aim is totally off? 


Putting precision really is key, when you’re putting on hard to read greens. The putter or the putter grip will NOT read the green for you 😉 But it certainly helps to have the equipment that suits you the best. 


Wrist and arm movement has a lot to say in the precision of your putting. That’s why the oversized and non-tapered grips are being so popular these days. Especially SuperStroke has really hit the nail on the head with their lineup. 


Another key factor, which is easily overlooked is actually mounting your putting grip so it’s perfectly aligned. If the paddle of the grip is just the slightest out of alignment, this will have a huge impact on especially longer putts. This is another thing that makes the SuperStroke grips great – it’s almost circular, so mounting precision is not that imperative.




Putter Grip Weight

In golf there is a thing called swing weight. Here the putter grip weight comes into play. 


Even in putting it is a good idea to take swing weight into account. 


Simply put it says something about how the overall weight is distributed on a given club. 


Traditionally putter heads weighed around 350 grams. The shaft around 80-100 grams and the grips maybe 50-70 grams. 


This outs the majority of the weight far from your hands, requiring more effort to swing. 


By increasing grip weight, the overall swing weight decreases, resulting in a more effortless putting stroke. It simply takes some of the smaller stabilizer muscles out of play. 


While it might seem counterintuitive to add weight to the grip, it has its benefits. 


One could argue that the pendulum effect of a heavy putter head will make it easier to keep the putter head square during the stroke – and that might be true for some golfers


But many of the best putters rely on tempo control and balance during the putter stroke for optimal control. 


Like many other things in putting, this is a subject of personal preference. 


Trial and error is the way to go on the subject of putter grip weight. 




How To Regrip A Putter

It is not much different to regrip a putter, than to regrip any other club. 


One thing that is of even more importance though is aligning the grip properly. 


The process basically comes down to the following:


  1. Removing the old grip
  2. Removing any old grip tape
  3. Adding new tape
  4. Adding solvent and sliding on grip
  5. Align grip properly – Very important
  6. Let the grip sit and dry


If you’re interested in a more thorough walkthrough, check out our article on the subject. 




Summing It All Up

There are quite a few things to take into consideration when choosing a new putter grip. And one thing is certain:


Only you can decide which putter grip is the best for yourself.


If you venture out on this task, start by finding out what you like and dislike with your current grip. 


Then investigate the possible best putter grips out there. 


Some things we recommend you take into consideration:


  • Shape and size
  • Surface and softness
  • Weight
  • Quality
  • Price


There are plenty of putter grips with different characteristics to choose from. Don’t be discouraged if it’s not a perfect fit with your first choice. 


It will take some trial and error, but when you do find the right one it will be very rewarding. 


When reading this article you should quickly be able to judge whether you’re aiming for the overall best solution, the best quality or just the cheapest option with a decent value. 


Our top recommendation is by far the SuperStroke Golf Legacy 2.0 CounterCore Putter Grip which adds tremendous value, not only in it’s physical shape, but also in it’s ability to customize the experience. It is well worth the extra money, if the alternative is a grip change, just because the weight is off. 


Again – only you can decide, but we hope that this article was helpful. Please let us know if you have any questions – we are happy to answer to the best of our ability.


We hope that this article has given you some inputs on the diverse world of putter grips. As you have been able to read, there are many factors to consider – even in something as simple as the putter grip. 




FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Which Putter Grip Is Best For Beginners?

Beginners often have weaker stabilizing micro muscles and putt more inconsistent than pros. 


To take some of this weakness out of play it can be hugely beneficial for beginners to use an oversize putter grip. The benefits of thicker golf grips not only apply to putter grips, so it can be worth investigation on your club grips too.


The oversized grip will make the stabilizing muscles less important and contribute to a more consistent putting experience. 




How Should I Hold The Putter?

There are many ways to hold a putter and there’s no right or wrong. 


In the future we might have an article on the different ways to grip a putter. 


We can say that it is of great importance that you feel comfortable when putting, so whatever grip method that works for you should be the way to go. 


That is also if it looks ridiculous 🙂 Isn’t it more important to sink putts, than how you look?




Are Thick Putter Grips Better?

They are not necessarily better than thin ones, it depends on a few things. Are you struggling with consistently putting inaccurately, then a thick putter grip might be for you. The thick grip will help eliminate wrist movement for a more consistent square clubface. 


If you on the other hand are struggling with distance control, then it may not be advisable to use a thicker grip. You will lose some feel due to the thicker material and increased dampening of the material. 




Are Heavier Putter Grips Better?

This is a question of your situation like the question of whether thick grips are good or bad. 


By changing the weight on your putter grip you change the overall swingweight of the putter. 


It is a good idea to keep the swingweight on the heavier side because a heavier putter will be more accurate. The mass of the putter will make it easier to rotate through the ball and keep the putter head square. 


Too light of a putter swingweight will make it harder to judge distance and will decrease accuracy. 


So all in all you might say that heavy putter grips are better, but again it depends on your situation.




Which Golf Grips Should I Use For My Other Clubs?

See this is a whole other, yet interesting topic. There is a lot to choosing the best golf grip for your game. It requires as much research as you’ve put into the process of choosing a putter grip. We’ve put together the ultimate guide to the best golf grips for your convenience, and you will find it right here.


Until next time – take care.