How To Clean Golf Gloves [In 2 Easy Steps]


There’s nothing like a brand new white golf glove, but usually, it doesn’t take long for them to stain and get dirty. We’ve put together this article on how to clean golf gloves, so you can benefit from increased durability and performance for your gloves. 


Most golfers don’t realize that it’s very easy to clean golf gloves, and it does have an impact on your game!


Golf gloves take quite a beating and are exposed to sweat from your hands, wear and tear from friction, and also the elements which we all know can be quite tough some days on the course. 


But gloves play a vital role in our game, since they connect the body with the club, and therefore they should be maintained properly. Not only to increase durability but also to increase performance


So how do you go about this task? Read on to learn more.
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golfer cleaning his golf glove






How To Clean Golf Gloves The Best Way

There are a few ways to do this and it all depends on how much time you want to invest in it. Before you start, evaluate if it’s going to benefit you to clean the glove, or it’s better to just buy a new one.


The easy way is to just do a quick cleaning after a good round of golf. Your glove will have been exposed to sweat and dirt among other things. These two things can mostly be washed off. 


If not rinsed off they will make your glove go stiff and wear faster in the long run. 


The quick cleaning is simply done by pouring some room cold water over your glove while it’s on the hand. Don’t use warm water, since cold water will remove contaminants just as fine. 


When the glove is wet, rub it gently with a towel to rinse off dirt and sweat. Leave the glove on your hand for as long as possible to make sure it air dries. It’s a good thing to keep it on so that it retains its form to fit your hand. Check out the video below for a good explanation.





If you feel like the glove needs a more thorough cleaning, there’s also a good way to do that. 


It still only involves cold water, but also soap and some more time invested. But it will leave your glove in the best possible state in regards to the wear it’s been exposed to.


Start off by rinsing the glove in cold water – you can do it with the glove on or off. This is to remove surface dirt and most of the dried up sweat. 


Then dump the glove into a bucket of cold water and dishwashing soap. Make sure the soap is activated and making suds which can really help to remove the more nasty dirt particles. 


soapy bucket


Don’t scrub too much on the glove, it can induce more wear to the glove and that shouldn’t be necessary. 


Now the glove is thoroughly cleaned and you can rinse it off in cold water. 


Again it’s a good idea to keep on the glove and have it air dry. If you don’t have the possibility to do that, put on the glove and squeeze some water out by closing and opening your hand a few times. Then leave it for an hour to dry. 


After an hour, put the glove back on to prevent it from setting and shrinking more than necessary. Then take it off and leave it to dry fully. 




Cleaning Cabretta Leather Golf Gloves

You can do the above with both leather gloves and synthetic gloves, but there’s one thing to keep in mind with leather gloves. Since it’s a natural material, it will dry out easily from soap left to dry in it. 


natural material leather golf gloves
Remember that leather is a natural material and it can dry out!


That’s why it is very important to rinse it thoroughly if using soap so that the leather won’t dry out and crack. Leather will crack when too dry. 


We do not recommend machine washing leather gloves since the mechanical force will wear the glove prematurely. Also, it’s not necessary to with machine washing, since you can do just as good with a manual wash. 




Can You Wash All Golf Gloves?

Sure you can. But be sure to go around it the best way. Leather gloves are not to be excessively washed since they will deteriorate with moisture. 


So you can wash all golf gloves, but be sure to go gentle about it. We recommend that you mostly hand wash your gloves and stay away from machine washing.


no dish washer    no washing machine


I’ve even heard some people mention to throw your golf glove in the dishwasher. Don’t do that! The sheer amount of heat will damage the glove immensely. 


So clean them thoroughly and gently by hand, and you can do it with all gloves




FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Wash Footjoy Golf Gloves?

It doesn’t matter what brand the golf glove is, if you take the right precautions you can wash your glove. We recommend not to machine wash golf gloves, since it will put too much unwanted stress on the material.


You can wash a Footjoy golf glove the simple way with cold water, a gentle rub and air drying.


Or you can wash it in a bucket of cold water and soap, with a gentle rub and proper drying afterwards.


It is a good idea to do this, as you maximize durability and performance of the glove.


Check out our guide on the best golf gloves to find the right Footjoy glove for you.




How Do You Clean A Titleist Golf Glove?

It is not much different from other gloves. In fact it’s not different at all. You can go about it in a few different ways.


The simple way is to: 

  1. Soak the glove in cold water.
  2. Gently rub it to get the dirt off and to rinse sweat out.
  3. Put it on your hand and close/open the hand a few times to squeeze water out.
  4. Let it air dry.


The more thorough way:

  1. Rinse off dirt in cold water.
  2. Make bucket of cold soapy water and immerse the glove.
  3. Cleanse the glove gently in the bucket.
  4. Repeat above steps 3. and 4.


This way your Titleist golf glove will be clean and nice for a new round the next day or a few hours later.




How Do You Dry A Golf Glove?

The best way is to let it air dry. But before it dries up be sure to put it on to stretch it and make it conform to your hand. 


Never put it in a dryer since it’ll damage the glove and stress the materials!


It can be a good idea to place it on a dry cloth, to absorb some moisture quickly. But it one of the best ways is to hang it on a clothesline for it to air dry.




How To Clean Smelly Golf Gloves?

For golf gloves to smell it usually takes some abuse 🙂 Maybe it’s left in the golf bag for too long or it hasn’t been set to dry after a round of golf in the rain.


You should consider if you should just get a new glove if the smell is very bad.


If you want to try and remedy the smell, there are a few tips you can try out. For one try the above cleaning method with soapy water.


If regular cleaning doesn’t help, you can try masking the smell with some shaving cream. This is a well-known trick in the hockey-world where sweaty equipment is very common 🙂

Another trick is to use dryer sheets and put them into the glove after use. They absorb moisture and also helps with a nice smell to mask the bad smell.




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