How To Remove A SuperStroke Putter Grip [3 Easy Ways]


When you’ve found your preferred putter grip it usually lasts for a long time. Especially if it’s a quality grip from SuperStroke. Sometimes the grip itself might even outlast your current putter. If you find yourself changing putters you might wonder how to remove a SuperStroke putter grip, if that’s the grip of your choice. 


There are several ways to remove a SuperStroke putter grip. Usually, you’ll want to preserve the grip, and then you’ll have to take some precautions. You can remove a grip for reuse in a few different ways.


  • Remove putter grip with a needle
  • Blow the putter grip off with compressed air
  • Use a grip removal tool


So if you’re wondering if you can remove a putter grip and reuse it, then the answer is: yes! Good news if you’ve found the grip that helps you sink putts. If you haven’t, be sure to check our guide on the best putter grips is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Purchasing through these links will be at no extra cost to you, but it will help us out.





Removing A Golf Grip With Needle Solvent Injection

One method where you’ll damage the grip as little as possible is by injecting solvent beneath it using a needle. It can be done in a few different ways.


The equipment heavy method is by investing in a pressurized golf grip remover. With that, you can poke the needle tip through the grip and inject solvent beneath the grip along the shaft. 


That way you can wet the double-sided tape in a few different spots – then wiggle it around to spread the solvent – and lastly, the grip can be slid off easily. 


It is possible to do it with a syring and a needle too, if you want to cut down on expenses. These simple “tools” can be bought at the local pharmacy. It is not as effective, since you won’t be able to spread the solvent as much due to the lack of pressure. 


The downside to this method if that you will have to be very careful not to inject solvent into the foam of the SuperStroke grip. It will make the grip mushy and may damage it for good. 



Removing A Golf Grip With Air

This method can be even pricier than the above-mentioned needle method. If you don’t have an air compressor, it will most likely set you back around $150 for a decent small one. The added benefit is that you can use the air compressor for many other useful tasks.


There is a cheaper alternative way though, as you can get compressed air in a can in these modern times 🙂 


The compressed air cans are not as effective as an air compressor, since the pressure can not get as high. You will need quite a bit of force to relieve the grip from the strong bond of the grip tape. 


Speaking of the force needed you should be careful when injecting the compressed air into the grip. If you are too eager and relieve the pressure too quickly, the grip can swell up and burst. 



Using A Golf Grip Remover Tool

There are quite a few different grip remover tools on the market. Common for them all is that they will be inserted at the narrow end of the grip to make room for the solvent to be poured into the grip in steps. 


The solvent will release the grip gradually and you will be able to poke the tool further and further down the grip.


It will expand the grip and you will have to be careful not to destroy its shape. It can be a little hard to use this method on SuperStroke putter grips since they have a foam interior that can be damaged easily.



Removing Golf Grips For Reuse

You’re not limited to just removing and reusing your putter grip. It’s possible to do the same with all the other grips too. The above methods apply.


Often you won’t get that much benefit of reusing old golf grips though. It can be beneficial to shop for new grips, if you’re paying for regripping materials anyway. It all depends on the level of wear on your current grips and your budget.



Summing It All Up

Now you’ve learned a bit about how to get a putter grip removed without destroying or damaging it. It’s especially convenient to learn how to remove a SuperStroke putter grip for reuse if you change putters often. 


Actually, the above guides to removing putter grips not only applies to SuperStroke grips, it applies to all grips out there.


The only thing you need to keep in mind is to be a bit careful not to damage the grip when you remove it. Anyone can remove a grip if they just don’t rush through it.