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Hi, and welcome to Golfers Hacks. On this page you will find useful information about how to navigate and get the most out of the site. Read on, and learn more.

The Rating system

When you come across a review post, you will be presented with a uniform layout no matter what piece of equipment or apparel is being reviewed. It will be the same system all across the site, for your benefit. At Golfers Hacks we found this method the easiest to get a great overview quickly, when you’re about to purchase something. It is important, since it’ll free up more time to hit the course 😉

All review posts will consist of a number of items reviewed. The number will vary depending on what interesting items there are in the category. They will be compared 

Introducing The Layout


Next up will be all the good things about the items. Here you will be able to see what benefits there are, and gauge if it really is something for you.

Then we will move on to the worse things (if there are any). Usually, all items will have a downside. It is important to know it, to find out if the good things outweigh the bad.


Followed by that a detailed rating by Golfers Hacks, to show you what we think about the item. It is split up into four different rating parameters. 


The Rating Parameters

To show you a detailed overview of how we rate each individual item, we will show four different ratings from 0 to 10 for each item. An example is shown below and will vary depending on the category.

Build Quality 9/10

Price 7/10

Features 5/10

Weight 10/10

In this example, a person looking for superior build quality and low weight will be the perfect match. But a person looking for a lot of features might want to look at one of the other items in the review. All parameters will be weighed so that 0 is worse and 10 is best. So with price and weight, a 10 will be low price and low weight, and with parameters like build quality and features a 10 will be high build quality and a lot of features. I hope you get the point.

How the system will help you

So we’ve set up this system, but how will it help you when browsing the articles? As stated about the highlight will help you make the decision if you’re in a hurry. If you’re looking for details you can read further on, and go into as much detail as you want. 

We hope all this makes sense, and you will find value in this rating system – and please don’t hesitate to ask, if you have any questions, ways to improve or just want to send a thumbs up our way 🙂