What Hand To Wear Your Golf Glove On?


Being new to the game, it can be hard to figure out what hand to wear your golf glove on. There are many opinions about wearing golf gloves or not – so it can be a jungle to find out.


We’ve put together this article to help you on the topic, so look right below this section to find the answer.


Let’s get right to it!







What Hand Do You Wear A Golf Glove On?

If you’re only wearing one golf glove, there are two answers to this question. It all depends on, whether you are a right-handed or left-handed golfer.


  • If you are a right-handed golfer, you should wear your glove on the left hand.
  • If you are a left-handed golfer, you should wear your glove on the right hand.


This is the simple answer, and here we’ll try to explain with a right-handed golfer as the subject.


Being right-handed, your right hand will be the guiding hand in the golf swing. It has a crucial role in the swing, but it is not the one that makes sure you grip the club securely. This is the left hand – the upper hand.


The left hand is meant to grasp the club firmly (not so firm it’ll cause tension though) and make sure you can control the club properly with the right hand.


To ensure an even better grip, than with bare hands, we equip ourselves with a golf glove. More on that later.




Am I Right Or Left Handed Golfer?

You will find out very early in your golf career. It can come down to which type of player a stranger on the driving range is, who’ll lend you a club for your first shot.


For some, it can be a coincidence and for others, it will just feel unnatural if you swing the opposite way.


If you are a right-handed golfer, you will stand with the outer sole of your left shoe pointing towards the target. You will rotate right in your upswing and follow through to the left in your downswing. Your left hand will be closest to your body and you will most likely be wearing a golf glove on that hand.


The opposite is happening as a left-handed golfer.




Why Wear A Golf Glove?

There are several upsides and reasons for wearing a golf glove. We’ve listed a few below.


  • A golf glove can increase grip to lower grip pressure
  • It looks cool
  • Some people have problems with blisters and have a great benefit of using a glove
  • If you’re struggling with arthritis, the right glove can help you endure and minimize pain
  • It can help you keep your hands warm in cool conditions
  • When raining a golf glove can enable you to play, where you’d otherwise not be able to hold on to the club
  • And many more


So as you see there are several upsides to playing with a golf glove. Some golfers choose not to wear a glove though, and this too can have many reasons behind it. Some get blisters from wearing a glove, and some just like the unobstructed feel from bare hands on the golf grip.


It’s a highly personal matter, and you’ll most likely develop your own taste on this subject as you advance further in the game.




Summing It All Up

You’ve learned that right-handed players use a golf glove on the left hand, and left-handed players use a glove on the right hand.


Some golfers use two gloves, and some don’t use any. Some prefer to take off the glove for the short game and putting, while others keep it on the whole time.


It’s very much up to personal preference, and whether you have a problem that the glove can solve for you, it being arthritis or getting blisters.


If you’re on the lookout for a new golf glove, check out our article on how to choose a golf glove, or go straight to the best golf gloves reviews.




FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Golfers Wear A Glove On The Left Hand?

As stated above, the main purpose of the golf glove is to increase grip and cause friction between the grip and the hand. This ensures that you can hold on to the club while it being comfortable because you can lower your grip pressure.


The glove is worn on the left hand if you’re a right-handed player, and vice versa for left-handed players.




Do You Wear A Golf Glove When Putting?

So why do golfers always take their glove off while putting? Because you don’t need the gripping power of the glove when you’re delicately trying to putt the ball into the cup.


The glove simply doesn’t have any benefits for putting, on the contrary. It creates a barrier between the club and the hand, and minimize feel slightly. Some claim that it’s very noticeable, but that is highly individual.


So most players take off the glove while putting. This can also have benefits if you’re struggling with sweat or are concerned with getting your non-glove hand more tanned 😉




Do Any Pro Golfers Not Use A Glove?

Most pros use a glove for the obvious benefits they provide. With all rules, there are exceptions and one pro golfer who never wears a glove is the American Fred Couples.


He’s by far one of the only famous golfers who doesn’t wear a glove, but to endure this he’s got a secret trick up his sleeve. He uses super glue on his thumbs to prevent the grips from tearing up his fingers!




Why Do Golfers Not Wear Two Gloves?

While having obvious benefits, everything has to be in moderation. While a single glove is providing a good grip, two gloves might result in a worsened feel and in worst cases lesser control of the club.


This is because wearing two gloves will make the material rub against each other and make it hard to grip as you’re used to. In turn, the second glove will also make you feel less connected to the club, because of the added material between hands and grip.


Of course, it can be necessary to wear two gloves in the winter or in rainy conditions, but then you sacrifice feel for just being able to play.