What Is The Easiest Putter To Use [3 Key Takeaways]

When getting into the game of golf you probably didn’t give much thought to what putter type you started using. As your game has developed you might have wondered: “what is the easiest putter to use?”


The easiest putter to use is the one that fits your swing type, your physique, and helps boost your confidence. 


There are hundreds of different putters out there so it is no easy task to find the correct one for you. In this article, we will guide you through the jungle!



The Different Types Of Putters

As stated above there are hundreds, if not thousands of different putters out there to choose from. So how will you know which one is the right for you? You can’t before you actually try putting with it. But that would be a quite comprehensive task, and how would you compare all those putters?


It is wise to get an idea about which putter will suit you before you venture into buying one. In the broad overview, there are two different types of putters.


Mallet Putters

These are the bulky ones you will see around the golf club. They usually have quite some mass to them, and a lot of modern-day mallet putters will have different intricate alignment aids, colors, and weighted inserts. 


The key benefit of mallet putters is their sheer mass. This leads to a larger sweet spot and a lot more will to stay on target, even if you mishit by a lot. 


This makes them perfect for golfers struggling with consistency. 


Another great thing about mallet putters and another derivative of the mass is that they are easier to putt over longer distances with. Because of the added weight, there will be more power behind the clubhead and in turn, the ball will absorb this power and travel farther. 


Blade Putters

Despite the simpler design of blade putters, the popularity of this style of putter is still great. It is much simpler and is preferred by many over the mallet putters because of the simplicity itself. 


You might ask yourself why you wouldn’t want all the help you can get from a putter? But it usually comes down to golfers not wanting their eyes disturbed and just want a clean look.


We can come back to what we stated in the top – that it’s an important criterion that your putter induces confidence.


Blade putters are usually best for golfers who’s got some level of experience and know a bit more what they want. But they are used by beginners too. Most likely beginners that like the design over mallet putters and don’t know if they need an alignment or weight aid. 


Your Putting Stroke Type

To determine what putter is the easiest for you to use, you have to be aware of your putting stroke. Putting strokes can be roughly divided into three categories. 


Straight Putting Stroke

It’s quite self-explanatory but this type of stroke suggests that you will mostly pull back and follow through on the exact same straight line. 


This type of stroke will typically be better equipped with a mallet-style putter since mallet putters are usually face-balanced. This means that there is no extra weight in the heel or toe which helps the clubhead moving directly through the ball at impact.


Arced Putting Stroke

Again the name suggests what is happening. With this stroke, the putter head will move slightly inwards as you pull back the putter – square up at impact – and then move slightly inwards again in the follow-through. This type of stroke is used by Tiger Woods among others. 


The best putter for an arced putting stroke is a blade-style putter since it’s usually always toe-weighted. This means that the toe is heavier and that helps square up the putter head when moving in an arc. 


Putter Head Balance

As we’ve briefly covered in the two paragraphs above, there’s something called putter head balance, and it can be quite important. It will determine which putter you will find the easiest to use, and therefore it is a good idea to take a bit of time and practice to figure out what type of stroke you prefer.


Sometimes it’s not even a question of what you prefer, it’s just the way your physique is made from the get-go. Some are born as straight striking putters and some will have an arc. 


Which Putter Grip Is Right For Me?

The right putter grip can have quite a big significance in regards to performing your best with the putter. Since putter grips come in so many variations it can also be hard to choose the right one. 


Generally, a thick putter grip will lock out your wrists and help with aiming the putt. But since the grip is thick, some feeling and distance gauging will be lost.


A thin putter grip will increase feel and distance perception, but it will impact your ability to control the distance you putt. 


Identify where your strengths and weaknesses are in regards to distance and accuracy of your putts and choose accordingly.


Conclusion: What Is The Easiest Putter To Use

As you may have noticed there is no easy answer to this question. It all comes down to what type of golfer you are and how your body is put together. 


What can be concluded though is, that you should do your research before investing in a putter to make sure that you answer the question: “what is the easiest putter to use”. 


Determine whether you have a straight putting stroke or an arced. And whether you struggle with distance or accuracy the most. 


Do also pay some attention to what pleases your eye – and don’t underestimate this!


If you have these above things in mind when shopping for an easy to use putter you are well on the way to perform as good as possible with your putter.


The next step is to practice, practice, practice 🙂