Where Are Golf Pride Grips Made?


When holding a premium golf pride grip, you might have thought to yourself: “where are golf pride grips made?” Are Golf Pride grips made in China like so much other golf equipment? No – actually they’re not.


All Golf Pride Grips are made at their factory facilities in Taiwan and Thailand. The company has produced quality grips in Taiwan since the 1980ies


Golf Pride grips have truly set the golden standard within golf grips since the company was founded in 1949. In 1953 the big breakthrough came with the very first “slip-on” type golf grip. 


Back then it was a big deal, but now it is the industry standard. 


The factory was first situated in North Carolina but then moved to the east to boast manufacturing capabilities at a low cost. 


All this helped Golf Pride achieve its leading position within golf grips. 


When looking into the pro’s bags at a tournament, around half of the grips will be Golf Pride. And that is without anyone has signed an endorsement contract with the company – they’re just that good. 


The downside of being so great is naturally the emergence of copycats. There are quite a few Golf Pride counterfeits in the markets. 


Buying from respectable e-Commerce sites should be no problem – but when you venture out on eBay or other marketplaces beware. 




How Can You Tell If Golf Pride Grips Are Fake?

There are quite a few ways to tell if you’ve got your hands on a counterfeit Golf Pride grip. It involves some careful inspecting and when you know what to look for it’s actually quite easy to spot


Some things to look for include:


  • Incorrect weights. 
  • Low-quality rubber compounds. 
  • Poor visual aestetics. 
  • Reduced durability. 
  • A price that’s too good to be true (too low).


If you get your hands on a counterfeit golf pride grip, the company encourages you to reach out. Of course, they’re eager to eliminate all the crooks out there providing their fans with low-quality fake products. 




What Are The Best Golf Pride Grips?

The fact that Golf Pride has so many different types of grips makes it so much harder to choose the correct ones. 


First of all, you have to decide what you’re in the market for. Do you need more tack, are you after a softer feel or do you just need something that performs well for a reasonable price. Golf Pride has got grips for every golfer.


We have reviewed the best of them in our extensive article on the best golf grips. Be sure to check it out – new grips are added as they manufacturer’s release updated and new versions of their best performing golf grips. 


Our top picks for Golf Pride is the CP2 Wrap and the Multi-compounds




FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Where Are Lamkin Grips Made?

Lamkin Grips are made in Tijuana, Mexico, and Guangzhou, China. The reason for these locations is the strategic positioning to deliver to all the big warehouses in North America and Asia. 


Lamkin is the biggest competitor to Golf Pride, and while they don’t hold a market share close to Golf Pride, they still make high-quality grips that are loved by many.




Does Eaton Own Golf Pride?

Yes, the global energy titan Eaton purchased the parent company of Golf Pride back in 1968 and has owned them ever since. 


It’s not quite in the line a business that Eaton has it’s core competencies, as they are experts in producing electrical components for the power grid, planes, hospitals, vehicles, and so on. 


But nevertheless, Eaton owns Golf Pride. They state themselves on their website that it is due to the fact that Golf Pride delivers on high quality and the strength of the brand itself.